NORTH YORK— Learn how to find the planets and constellations visible in the March night sky during three shows presented March 8 by the York County Astro nomical Society.

· In “Max Goes to the Moon” at 7 p.m., Max the dog and a young girl named Tori take the first trip to the Moon since the Apollo era. Max and Tori’s trip proves so inspiring to people back on Earth that all the nations of the world come together to build a great Moon colony from which “the beautiful views of Earth from the Moon made everyone real ize that we all share a small and precious planet.”

· StarWatch, at 7:40 p.m., allows participants to become star watch ers by exploring the current night sky, locating visible constellations and enjoying some sky lore.

· The Planets, at 8:20 p.m., offers a tour through the solar system and fascinating, recently-dis covered sights in a program narrat ed by Kate Mulgrew of Star Trek Voyager fame.

What’s next: The planetarium is in the York Learning Center, 300 E. Sixth Ave., North York.

Admission is $4 for adults and $3 for children and seniors. Admission to any second or third show is $1 each.