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As the green movement continues to grow locally, residents were curious about where they could recycle less-common items.

Below are some of the questions they have e-mailed the Daily Record/Sunday News.

Jennifer Cristofoletti, community services specialist with the York County Solid Waste Authority in Manchester Township, and Greg Grudovich, the municipal marketing representative for Waste Management Recycle America in Lower Windsor Township, helped to answer their questions.

Q: Where can I take my fax machine and old tape deck player?

- Judy Orcutt, Spring Garden Township

A: Staples will accept many used electronics, Cristofoletti said.

The Solid Waste Authority also holds special electronics recycling events during the year. The dates are posted on the Web site,, she said.

Q: Where can we take our small green gas tanks, used for camping stoves and lanterns?

- David Rider, Butler Township, Adams County

A: The Solid Waste Authority classifies propane tanks under its hazardous wastes category. It will not accept them, but maintains a database of places that will on its Web site. Cristofoletti recommends calling one of the locations first to learn its guidelines.

Q: I would like to know where to recycle telephone batteries and other batteries of this nature.

- Bonnie Pelletier, East Hopewell Township

A: Because of changes in the way they are made, alkaline batteries can be safely disposed of in the regular garbage, Cristofoletti said. Cell phone providers will usually accept old cell phone batteries, she said. Also, many retail locations in the county partner with the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corp. and collect both batteries and cell phones. A list of locations is available on the Solid Waste Authority Web site.

Q: Where can I recycle antifreeze in York County?

- Jack Noll, Spring Grove

A: Antifreeze and motor oil can be taken to RecOil in York. Automotive service stations might accept this too, Cristofoletti said, but call first to be sure.

Q: Where can I recycle magazines?

- Kathy Brunner, North York

A: Magazines can be taken to many places throughout the county. Waste Management's Recycle America program accepts them, as does the York County Solid Waste Authority. For a complete list of places, visit the Green in York section of and click on the recycling icon on the left side for a map of recycling centers.

Q: Is there any place close by that recycles used vinyl siding?

- Donald Reigle, East Manchester Township

A: Cristofoletti suggests calling Re-Stor-York in the city, which accepts and resells different materials from around the house. For details, call 852-7574.

Q: Do you know how and where to recycle old computers?

- Pat Callahan, Spring Grove

A: Similar to fax machines and other electronics, Staples will accept some and the Solid Waste Authority has special dates for collection. Reader Betty Petrick suggested Computer Ministry in Mechanicsburg. The organization repairs computers and sends them to countries that need them. In the past, they have gone to Zimbabwe and Puerto Rico. For details, call 766-6373.

Penn State York group Scrounge runs a similar program, repairing the computers and supplying them to local nonprofit organizations, said Cristofoletti. For details, call 771-8421.

Multiple readers asked about where old paint cans can be recycled.

Grudovich suggested this method:

Let the paint set out with the lid open until the paint hardens.

Scrape out as much of it as you can, then throw the container in your recycle bin with regular cans and bottles.; 771-2029