The following deed transfers were recorded recently at the York County Administrative Center.


2251 Tall Oaks Lane, Springettsbury Twp.: Joseph R. and Michele E. Cauchon and Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Fannie Mae for $2,558.

1145 N. Duke St., N. York: Michael J. and Donna Taylor to Barry R. Hess for $95,900.

221 W. Ninth Ave., Manchester Twp.: Frederick H. and Nathan Strausbaugh and Tammy J. Scusselle to Matthew and Kelly Behr for $161,569.

30 Greenleaf Road, Manchester Twp.: Stephen R. and Patricia A. Boop to Jason M. Fedor for $156,000.

Lot 1 Church Road, Manchester Twp.: Metro Bank and Commerce Bank to Tony L. and Sandra L. Desenberg for $60,000.

Unit 53 Spring Meadows Condominium, Manchester Twp.: Richard L. and Faye E. Reinhardt to Ardmore for $262,500.

1409 N. George St., N. York: Leroy C. Bubb to Kimberly J. Collins for $75,900.

1395 Sterling Drive, Manchester Twp.: Jolette I. and Richard H. Lefever Jr. to Ian and Laurie McFetridge for $295,000.

2144 Pleasant View Drive, Springettsbury Twp.: Scott W. and Mary Katherine Corter to Adam D. Anderson for $169,900.

2206 Live Oak Lane, Springettsbury Twp.: Woodcrest Hill and Woodcrest Hills to Elizabeth L. Melhorn for $178,575.


2904 Honey Valley Road, York Twp.: Gilbert G. and Adele C. Rossiter to Wyndridge Farms for $150,000.

320 Lakeview Drive, York Twp.


: Phil L. and Dina M. Aubel to Scott A. Grove and Lynne M. Romesberg for $169,900.

742 E. Main St., York Twp.: Jane E. Coy to William L. Russell for $117,900.

2560 Eldorado Drive, York Twp.: Kristin D. and Pamela J. Hains to Brian P. and Heather G. Hazlett for $333,500.

350 Franklin Square Drive, York Twp.: William J. Bruggeman II to Rodney Howlett Jr. for $159,900.

2531 Joppa Road, York Twp.: Marie S. Hess to Jancie E. and Ernest C. Waters for $89,500.

448 Frederick Drive, York Twp.: Patrick A. and Dina C. Ishler to Debra L. Flynn for $190,000.

857 Heritage Hill Drive, York Twp.: John M. and Lauren C. Moore to Charles Hash Jr. for $265,000.

160 Loucks St., Loganville: Cletus H. Myers to Zachary D. Zeigler for $63,000.

780 Sunlight Drive, York Twp.: Vincent P. and Genevieve A. Dorazio to Trever J. and Cherene S. Shue for $201,500.

117 S. Park St., Dallastown: Frances M. Fitz to Michael E. Grove and Douglas A. Warner for $55,000.

360 Pulaski Place, York Twp.: William S. Shirey to Nicholas S. Shirey for $188,000.

149 N. Lombard St., Dallastown: Patricia Ann and Dwain E. Cook to Michael A. Scott Jr. for $129,000.

170 Darlene St., York Twp.: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to Margaret A. Mylet for $159,900.

832 Nighlight Drive, York Twp.: Granite Ridge Contracting to Pamela J. and Kristin D. Haines for $259,900.

6 E. Frederick St., Dallastown: Housing and Urban Development to Brendan Boone-McCreesh and Brendan Boone McCreesh for $48,500.

338 Majestic Circle, York Twp.: Jason R. and Katherine Leeanne Barnett to Liang Zhang and Jing Dai for $252,500.

235 W. Ore St., Loganville: Scott A. and Victoria J. Lankford to Christine M. Kemper and Ian T. Brode for $176,900.

121 S. Park St., Dallastown: Andrew J. and Erica A. Warren and Erica A. Jolly to Stephen J. Stuber and Amanda L. Quickel for $129,900.


2620 Victorian Drive, Dover Twp.: Richmond American Homes of Maryland to David T. Nolan and Suzanne M. Schriver for $230,000.

3154 Long Meadow Drive, Dover Twp.: Bruce A. and Denise Tibbetts to Tyler J. Leppo for $124,900.

150 Mount Top Road, Washington Twp.: Quinn J. Eichelberger to William H. and Virginia M. Wessels and William H. and Virginia M. Wessels Revocable Living Trust for $169,900.

1735 Rocky Road, Dover Twp.: Julie DeCarlo, Ryan and Julie DeCarlo Decker to Joseph C. Ness and Jessica A. Jimenez for $149,900.

9295 Carlisle Road, Washington Twp.: Kenneth and Beverly Gochenour to Chester L. and Ruth A. Musser for $65,000.

1130 E. Canal Road, Dover Twp.: Martin Bennick to Larry R. and Elaine M. Reeser for $175,000.

4161 Strawbridge Court, Dover Twp.: US Home Corp. and Lennar to Corrine F. Arrington for $145,521.

4133 Strawbridge Court, Dover Twp.: US Home Corp. and Lennar to Georgeann Duvall for $142,551.

4132 Strawbridge Court, Dover Twp.: US Home Corp. and Lennar to Rebecca A. and Robert L. Boyer Jr. for $141,990.

4137 Strawbridge Court, Dover Twp.: US Home Corp. and Lennar to Frank Kyazze for $138,990.

4145 Strawbridge Court, Dover Twp.: US Home Corp. and Lennar to Denny and Annette Martinez for $136,990.

4141 Strawbridge Court, Dover Twp.: US Home Corp. and Lennar to Jason E. Hanson for $138,990.

3640 Fox Run Road, Dover Twp.: Larry E. and Mary J. Luckenbaugh to Gregory A. and Kimberly A. Crone for $234,900.

3303 Nicole Court, Dover Twp.: Jennifer L. Miller, Jennifer L. Miller Pickel and Steven S. Pickel Jr. to Wendy L. Senft for $179,000.

various properties, Dover Twp.: Altieri Enterprises and Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Kings Court Associates and King's Court Associates for $4,791.


220 Charles Circle, Hellam: Thomas and Velda Nickell to Christine M. Miller and Dale R. Asbury for $135,000.

35 Riverview Drive, E. Prospect: Nadu Construction and Lancaster Home Builders to Kathleen Ohrel Smith for $140,225.

Village of Bittersville containing 89 perches, Lower Windsor Twp.: Neisha M. Fisher to Jennifer Rose Cochran for $1,200.

375 Charles Circle, Hellam: Audra B. and James E. Siburt to Hope R. Garner for $134,900.


196 Princess St., Hanover: Latoria-Eisenhart to Eric A. Staub and Korinne A. Livelsberger for $144,835.

Lots 98-101 Cherry Tree Subdivision, Hanover: Cherry Tree Development to NVR and Ryan Homes for $128,000.

700 Grant Drive, Hanover: Cherry Tree Development to Clarence B. Shaw for $185,000.


3220 York Haven Road, Newberry: Stephen A. and Tina L. Fletcher and Tina L. Markle to Tressa A. Wilson for $119,900.

230 Quickel Road, Conewago Twp.: Beverly D. Quickel to Robert B. Bartucci for $158,900.

80 Fig Tree Way, E. Manchester Twp.: Bayharbor Loan Servicing to Keith and Maria Applin for $187,000.

40 Test Road, Conewago Twp.: Fannie Mae and Federal National Mortgage Association to William Stewart Cole for $158,000.

1288 Bremer Road, Conewago Twp.: Margaret C., Eldridge Paul and Joseph H. Walker and Kathleen Spinella to Linda A. Churchey for $25,000.

189 S. Eighth St., Mount Wolf: Phyllis H. and Phyllis Hantz Wolf to Evan E. and Rachel A. Clancy for $355,000.

E. Manchester Twp.: Phyllis M. Wolf and Phyllis Hantz Wolf to Evan E. and Rachel A. Clancy for $5,000.

50 Hickory Ridge Circle, Conewago Twp.: US Home Corp. to Mary L. Franklin for $219,990.

65 Hickory Ridge Circle, Conewago Twp.: US Home Corp. to Roberto M. Sanchez and Melissa C. Williamson for $224,990.

5615 Susquehanna Trail, Conewago Twp.: Bradley E. and JoAnn G. Strine to Anita M. and Patrick D. Martin Jr. for $211,000.

Lot 31 Susquehanna Village, Newberry: Danielle A. and Robert C. Wise Jr. to Shaun D. and Hope L. Root for $154,900.

30 Evergreen Terrace, E. Manchester Twp.: US Bank to Home Equity Asset Trust to Patricia A. McNichols for $88,000.

Lot 154 Chestnut Valley, E. Manchester Twp.: Brentwood Builders to Terrance L. Kline for $219,960.


1558 Baltimore Road, Franklin Twp.: John H. Bear to Rodney G. and Janice K. Balliet for $170,000.

Lot 3, Warrington Twp.: David L. and Ann Hoffman Kendrick to Robert A. and Rebecca A. Shelly for $150,000.

218 Old York Road, Carroll Twp.: Benjamin D. Bowers to Robert W. Diehl for $156,000.

188 Spring Drive, Franklin Twp.: Steven R. and Sandra L. Brymesser to Broc L. Zerbe for $165,900.

676 Stoney Run Road, Monaghan Twp.: William W. and Rebecca W. Probst, Gregory J. and Molly S. Shortridge to Gregory J. Shortridge for $25,000.

18 Wargo Lane, Carroll Twp.: Gemcraft Homes to Matthew C. and Erika L. Smith for $288,650.

265 Beaver Creek Road, Warrington Twp.: David L. and Ann Hoffman Kendrick to Andrew M. Rill for $349,900.


71 Riverview Road W., Lower Chanceford Twp.: Ronald L. Smith to Leia B. Sealover-Eibl, Leia B. Sealover Eibl and Rene Eibl for $124,900.

35 Shire Lane, Windsor Twp.: Matthew and Keren Kedzierski and Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. Americas for $2,988.

28 Linden Ave., Red Lion: Jeffrey A. and Yvonne S. Stine to Cory Matthew Van Dyke and Cory Matthew Vandyke for $119,900.

1140 Locust Grove Road, Windsor Twp.: Frederick and Michele Benny and Michele Scranton to Danielle R. Hackart for $158,900.

Lot 21 Magnolia Springs, Lower Chanceford Twp.: Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to Cari L. and John A. Oswald Jr. for $114,900.

2182 Furnace Road, Chanceford Twp.: Nina Jo and James A. Hoover Sr. and Nina Jo Tolbert to Susan A. Clemente for $184,000.

36 East Ave., Red Lion: Jeffrey D. and Michele L. Kresch to Jason M. Moser for $105,000.

730 Gorman Road, Chanceford Twp.: Ann C. Mummert and Ann C. Rehm to Ray L. and C. JoAnn Mummert for $5,000.

310 Winterstown Road, Windsor Twp.: Carroll I. Anderson to Carley L. Love for $92,000.

8 Ridgewood Ave., Chanceford Twp.: Housing and Urban Development to Timothy C. Orner for $140,000.

116 Keener Ave., Red Lion: Jamie R. Vaught to Heather Mendoza for $90,000.

1700 Rosebrook Drive, Windsor Twp.: NVR and Ryan Homes to Todd M. and Kelli L. Taylor for $258,700.

419 White Road Lane, Windsor Twp.: James E. and Marjorie B. White to Andrew J. and Kimberly A. Miller for $209,000.

230 Pond Road, Chanceford Twp.: Wells Fargo Bank and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust to David Allen Myers Jr. for $119,000.

613 Memory Lane, Windsor Twp.: Paul E. Saylor to Dustin T. Fallon for $149,900.

230 Sunset Circle, Windsor Twp.: Scott Powell Construction and Powell Scott Construction to Mark Stephen and Dawn Louise Ellis for $335,000.

831 Marvell Drive, Windsor Twp.: Michael J. Krout to Jason C. Krout for $104,000.

110 S. Charles St., Red Lion: Scott A. and Suzanne M. Kleiser to Dana M. and Nancy A. Billett for $112,000.


64 Kings Way, Stewartstown: Joy L. and David C. Howell Sr., David C. Howell Jr. and Lindsey M. Howell to Denise S. Shanahan for $139,000.

232 Hilltop Road, Peach Bottom Twp.: U&T to Richard E. Ammons for $9,900.


250 Fame Ave., Suite 220, Penn Twp.: North Hanover Medical Associates to HMC2FOOT for $341,103.

250 Fame Ave., Suite 225, Penn Twp.: North Hanover Medical Associates to DREC for $918,000.

250 Fame Ave., Suite 222, Penn Twp.: North Hanover Medical Associates to Douglas P. Sheehan for $148,000.

25 Alexander Drive, Penn Twp.: High Pointe, MCI Building and Development, JA Myers Building and Development and JA Myers Homes to Michael D. and Jennifer A. Lang for $349,000.

Lot 32 Reservoir Heights Phase 1, W. Manheim Twp.: Reservoir Heights to NVR and Ryan Homes for $78,500.

206 Skylite Drive, W. Manheim Twp.: William D. and Stacey L. Quillen to Jonathan and Melanie D. Donnelly for $223,000.

45 Colonial Drive, Penn Twp.: Barbara J. Gibson to Timothy R. Myers Jr. for $139,900.

128 Littleton Drive, Penn Twp.: Stewart C. Bankert to Craig A. and Michelle L. Baumgardner for $180,000.

825 Logan Lane, Penn Twp.: Pinakin M. and Dipti P. Merchant to Wendy A. Panek and Matthew J. Geckle for $160,000.

1371 Brad Drive, Penn Twp.: Ruth M., Ruth Marie and Ruth Marie Snyder Doll to Kirk E. and Ileana Y. Fisher for $34,000.


606 S. Main St., Shrewsbury: Leemilts Petroleum to White Cross Stores for $1,650,000.

745 E. Tolna Road, Shrewsbury Twp.: Wells Fargo Bank and Option One Mortgage Loan Trust to Mary Shaeffer for $75,000.

52 Messina Court, Shrewsbury: Princess Castle Development Co., NVR and Ryan Homes to Carlton L. Monroe for $230,665.

3359 Raymond Lane, Codorus Twp.: Paul M., Paul A. and Yvonne B. MacNamara to James J. Morris and Sarah M. Brown for $417,000.


4708 Bentz Road, N. Codorus Twp.: Gregory L. and Kathy K. Dittenhafer to Robert Alan and Darlene M. Livingston for $320,000.

1151 Pine Court, Jackson Twp.: Weichert Relocation Resources to Jeffrey T. and Nichole D. Curtis Beal, and Nichole D. Curtis-Beal for $221,500.

1151 Pine Court, Jackson Twp.: Timothy Bischoff to Weichert Relocation Resources for $221,500.

6289 Hoff Road, Heidelberg Twp.: Sue H. Wittman to Schultz Family Trust for $180,000.

73 Cedar Lane, Paradise Twp.: Patrick J. Bethas to Joyce L. and John H. McDonald Jr. for $455,000.

2014 Marian Way, New Salem: NVR and Ryan Homes to John D. Husser and Tiffany L. Dezio for $220,735.

27 S. Water St., Spring Grove: Dwight R. and Pearl A. Wintrode to David and Beverly Hilt for $85,000.

350 Cape Climb, Jackson Twp.: Jackson Heights, JA Myers Building and Development, JA Myers Home and Joseph A. Myers Land Investor to Donald Linaburg for $143,000.


96 Hillcrest Circle, Fairview Twp.: Martha L. Blumenstein to Jose L. Villafane and Santa B. Perez for $158,500.

1237 Lewisberry Road, Fairview Twp.: Martha Beck to Brad L. Boyer for $35,000.

5 Crescent Road, Fairview Twp.: US Bank National Association and Securitized Asset Backed Receivables to Brad L. Boyer for $70,000.

101 Oak Drive, Fairview Twp.: Vicki L. Zeigler to Kirsten A. Saweikis and Daniel J. Sullivan for $219,900.

488 Spruce Road, Fairview Twp.: David E. and Jacqueline A. Lenig to Shannan L. and Shannon L. Stalnaker for $134,900.

740 Ridge Road, Fairview Twp.: Shirley A. Nye to Edward J. and Kathryn E. Fisher for $375,000.

835 Old Forge Road, Fairview Twp.: Glenn E. and Sandra C. Ressler to David E. and Kathy J. Long for $190,000.

895 Old Quaker Road, Newberry 1st: David E. and Kathy J. Long to Benjamin J. and Kimberly A. Darrow for $344,900.

80 Burning Brush Circle, Newberry 1st: Benjamin J. and Kimberly A. Darrow to Colin Forer and Terra P. Reider for $176,000.

460 Lewisberry Road, Fairview Twp.: Housing and Urban Development to Mohamed Chajai for $100,000.

342 Equus Drive, Fairview Twp.: Jason P. and Lori Ann Devey to Kevin J. and Glenda S. Arnold for $472,000.

523 Windy Way, Fairview Twp.: Gemcraft Homes of Forest Hill and Gemcraft Homes Forest Hill to Kristopher F. and Talitha J. Corbin for $259,740.

702 Myrtle Court, Fairview Twp.: Gemcraft Homes of Forest Hill and Gemcraft Homes Forest Hill to Scott A. Bankert and Kendall L. Gomez for $293,560.

20 Terrace Place, Fairview Twp.: Eleanor K. Lemon to Susan Kay Schaefer for $138,000.

Lot 8 Robinsview Lane, Fairview Twp.: Poplar Ridge to Brett A. and Kimberly A. Himmelwright for $142,000.

300 Lewisberry Road, Fairview Twp.: Monna L. Cochran to Thomas E. Rosenberger for $190,000.

193 Wilcox Drive, Fairview Twp.: Lynda A. Ronemus to Christine M. Kalb for $249,000.


2750 Quaker Court, W. Manchester Twp.: Dwayne T., George T. and Barbara J. Crawley to Adam J. and Stephanie D. Hartlaub for $198,900.

1760 Ivy Pump Lane, W. Manchester Twp.: James B. and Cynthia J. Redden to Carol Jones for $230,000.

2565 Slate Hill Road, W. Manchester Twp.: Geraldine A. Jordan to Anthony T. and Deborah L. Menges for $114,900.

315 Herman St., W. Manchester Twp.: Joshua C. and Nicolle R. Nugent and Nicolle Dettrey to Elaine A. Adams for $131,900.

27 N. Oxford St., W. Manchester Twp.: Kathryn L. Gross to Shawn C. and Lisa M. Loucks for $65,000.

2254 Middle St., W. Manchester Twp.: Vanessa N. Wetzel to Shirley A. Carbaugh for $112,000.

2000 White St., W. Manchester Twp.: Philbert M. and Geraldine F. Scott to Cora L. and Frank L. Kunkle III for $200,000.

1232 W. King St., W. York: Kim E. Moyer and Michael J. Wheeler Partnership, Kim E. Moyer and Michael J. Wheeler to Mohammed Huda for $89,900.

2222 Golden Eagle Drive, W. Manchester Twp.: US Home Corp. and Lennar to Kenneth Frazier and Kimberly T. Smith for $149,481.

Lot 5 Marion St., W. Manchester Twp.: Troy A., Tammy S., Ernest L. and Sandy J. Leiphart to James H. and Myrtle P. Paul for $65,900.


258 W. Maple St.: Limited Properties and Kelly S. Eyler to CT October for $3,750.

835 W. Poplar St.: Steven and Cheryl Furman to Buko Paf for $27,500.

242 E. Maple St.: Donald P. and Priscilla Hoffman Gill and Priscilla H. Bratton to Evelyn Olivero for $58,000.

1215 Roosevelt Ave.: Ronald A. and Alba D. Thorn to JMW Properties for $315,000.

762 Tioga St.: Jarad A. and Christine A. Garlesky to Justin M. Wolfe and Kristen R. Moyer for $120,000.

223 W. Church Ave.: York Habitat for Humanity to Mayra Aragones DeJesus, Mayra Aragones-DeJesus, Mayra Aragone-DeJesus and Mayra Aragone DeJesus for $64,070.

939 Monocacy Road: ESM Properties to Protech US Holding for $1,756,310.

939 Monocacy Road: York County Economic Development Corp. and York County Industrial Corp. to ESM Properties for $1,830,000.

926 W. Princess St.: Baline C. and Theresa M. Ferree and Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Fannie Mae for $2,255.

221 N. Harley St.: Dean M. and Kimberly Curry and Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Bank of America National Association and LaSalle Bank National Association for $2,273.

614 N. Pershing Ave.: Miosha Gilbert and Sheriff Richard P. Keuerleber to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. for $2,132.

230 E. Springettsbury Ave.: Creelman Group and Nardo Enterprises to Cody L. Smith for $90,000.

734 Carl St.: Eric C. Marks to Christian T. and Kealoha Borge for $113,500.

46 S. Newberry St.: James J. and Matthew C. Prince to Kristin L. Cole for $110,000.

639 Pennsylvania Ave.: Hilary L. and William E. Graves III t Jason L., Mandy Lynn Teal Kilmer and Mandy Lynn Teal-Kilmer for $94,500.

420 W. Philadelphia St.: Kerri J. Shultz to William Kellner for $81,250.

426 Tioga St.: Matthew Baker to Francis and Ann Marie Agbanyo for $120,000.

731 June St.: Isaac and Maxine Wright to Menh V. Tsan for $118,000.

801 Donnelly St.: Nopachai and Wanlaya Iamsakuldacha to April R. Anderson for $84,500.

209 Fulton St.: Idarae Y. and Idarae Y. Lauer-Olinger and Idarae Y. Lauer Olinger to Jose Molina for $25,000.

72 W. Broadway Ave.: Henry Veras, Sue Y. Lee and Yahaira E. Bejaran to Wendy Santiago for $12,000.

1164 E. King St.: Juan and Maria M. Rivera to Strategic Investments for $60,000.


510 Ardmore Lane, Springettsbury Independent: E. Susan and Mark Woodbury III to Gus D. and Deborah L. Hioutis for $250,000.

1526 Third Ave., Spring Garden Twp.: Gus D. and Deborah L. Hioutis to Tiffany N. Crane and Shaun D. Williams for $149,000.

927 E. Boundary Ave., Spring Garden Twp.: JLM Properties to Latoya N. Batty for $100,000.

816 Lancaster Ave., Spring Garden Twp.: William A. Vassar to Travis A. Ferree for $79,900.

123 S. Keesey St., Springettsbury Twp.: Jack E. and Beverly L. Eisenhart to Rona L. Lazarus for $188,000.

316 Pinehurst Road, Springettsbury Independent: James H. and Kathryn A. Schwartz to Erin E. Gibson and Tiffany E. Wright for $159,900.

1518 Third Ave., Spring Garden Twp.: Alison G. and Leonard E. Reppert to Brady M. Seitz and Jane D. Kowal for $146,000.

103 Weatherburn Drive, Springettsbury Independent: Hope M. Allman to Gina Sipple for $114,900.

204 Lyndhurst Road, Springettsbury Independent: Pasch Equities to Denise E. Eby for $157,000.

126 Lisa Lane, Springettsbury Independent: Laurie A. Valenza, Laurie A. and Ian M. Hartman to Benjamin D. Beazley for $124,000.

445 Ivory Road, Springettsbury Independent: Barbara C. Athey to Ellen M. Hartle for $214,900.

1237 Stonehaven Way, Spring Garden Twp.: Regents Glen Building and Development to Saradindu Mahapatra for $212,000.

1401 Starcross Road, Spring Garden Twp.: Jeffrey M. Hicks to John Funkhouser for $153,000.

1050 and 1010 Crest Way, Spring Garden Twp.: Regents Glen Building and Development to Helen F. Moulton and Ronald E. Keech for $167,000.