WHITE ROSES: To this year's graduates of all local high schools. Congratulations and good luck in future endeavors, whether they include work or further education.

ROSES: To the Northeastern High School boys' volleyball team for winning a state title.

ROSES: To police and firefighters who responded to a massive row home blaze in North York Tuesday. Thank goodness there were no serious injuries. Our sympathy goes out to those who lost their homes and businesses in the fire. Maybe, though, this is an opportunity. In the rebuilding process, improve the appearance of the block, which is part of a main gateway into York.

THORNS: To George Anastasios Marros for shooting a patron in his bar, Bottoms Up, on Philadelphia Street in York Jan. 1, 2009. He pleaded no contest to recklessly endangering another person and was sentenced to six to 23 months in county prison.

ROSES: To Abdi Farah of Dover for his appearance on Bravo's new reality show "Work of Art." The recent University of Pennsylvania graduate is originally from Owings Mills, Md., but now lives with his mother in Dover while he tries to establish himself as an artist. Here's hoping he does well in the show. Maybe he'll follow in the footsteps of perhaps the nation's most celebrated current artist, Jeff Koons - who grew up in the Dover area.

ROSES: Posthumously, to Aline Rhonie Hofheimer for being awarded a Congressional Medal of Honor for her service in World War II as an aviatrix. She was a York native.

ROSES: To the York City School District and the city parks and recreation department for offering a summer lunch program for students. Call 849-1212 for information.

ROSES: And happy birthday to Glen Rock, which kicked off its 150th anniversary celebration last weekend.

ROSES: To the Cultural Alliance of York County for taking over the job of organizing the big 4th of July fireworks display at the York Expo Center. The Bon-Ton had been handling those duties but was unable to continue when its special events department was moved to Milwaukee last year. Roses to The Bon-Ton for staying on as a sponsor and providing security for the event this year - but thorns for moving those jobs out of York.

THORNS: To whoever shot two men at the American Legion in York last Saturday at 3 a.m. Call city police at 846-1234 if you have information about the incident that sent Damien S. Jones of Coatesville and Eric A. Brown of York to the hospital.

ROSES: To the Susquehanna River for getting off the most endangered rivers list compiled by American Rivers, a conservation group. Of course, that doesn't mean the river doesn't have problems, but it doesn't face the threats that earned it a No. 1 spot on the list five years ago.