Jackie Kasburg had a busy night on Friday.

She was crowned homecoming queen at Doylestown Chippewa -- and kicked three point-after touchdowns for the winless Chipps.

"I grew up with football, playing in the backyard with my brothers," said Kasburg, who left the girls' soccer team in August before trying out for football. "I just thought (the team) isn't doing so good and I might as well try out to see if I can help."

She made her varsity debut in a 55-27 defeat to Rittman that happened to coincide with her coronation last week at the northeast Ohio school.

"She approached me about kicking two weeks into the season," coach Kevin Wolf said before the game. "She outkicked (the previous starter) in practice. She's a solid kicker, who made a 43-yard field goal in practice, but we can't get a touchdown to let her do her thing."

The Chipps had been shut out the previous three games, pushing back her first appearance.

"I had never kicked a football until three weeks ago," Kasburg said. "My dad took me out the Sunday before my first practice and had me doing stuff. I was terrible at first, but then my dad told me the steps to take. I love it now. I think the fact I've played soccer for 13 years helped me pick it up really quickly."

The girl with the crown and the helmet has already been a welcome addition.

"For what we're trying to create here, she's got all the qualities," Wolf said. "She's as good for the program as we've got right now.