The Newberry Township board of supervisors will have a new member following the 2011 election.

Supervisor Stephen Pancoe is not seeking re-election, leaving two Republicans -- Glenn Wareham and Maxine Kauffman -- to vie for the position.

Biographical information:

Maxine Kauffman

Age: 53

Address: Paddletown Road, Etters

Family: Spouse is Neal, our children and their families and live in Newberry Twp.

Occupation: Central Processing Booking Administrator, York County Sheriff's Office.

Education: Beyond high school, attended HACC and was trained as a certified EMT.

Glenn I Wareham

Age: 58

Address: York Haven

Family: Wife: Patricia; Daughter: Theresa, Kristen; Sons: Shane, Glenn J., Garrett; Grandchildren: Max, Mason, Addelyn

Occupation: Builder, Realtor

Education: U.S. Marines (retired), Olympic University


1. If you could make one change to improve the quality of life for residents in Newberry Township, what change would you make? Explain your choice.

2. What will your other priorities be if elected as a township supervisor? Explain why those are your priorities.

3. Newberry Township has a tax rate of 1.79 mills. How would you rate the township's job of controlling costs and its tax rate? Why?

4. Newberry Township relies on its own police department for protection. How do you think that arrangement is working in terms of police protection and costs for the township? Explain your answer.

5. Why did you run for office? Why should people support your candidacy for township supervisor?


Maxine Kauffman

1. We live in a growing area and while I believe we need to control our growth, at this time, I believe it is vital to improve public relations and communications between the citizens of the township and the police department. My work in the district justice office, as well as the sheriff's office has allowed me to develop a great respect for law enforcement; however, I also represent the average citizen and we need to work together to preserve the "small town" quality of life we all want to enjoy. This is especially important as the community grows and more crime and/or unacceptable behaviors may impact our daily lives.

2. My spouse grew up in Newberry Township and I have lived most of my married life in Newberry. (Neal and I met as volunteers for the Newberry Fire Department.) I think Newberry Township is not only a nice place to live, it is the best place to raise a family. We have a lovely community with lots of green space and while some development is going to happen, I want to preserve as much green space possible. I love the small town, rural feeling here. I don't want that to change.

Additionally, I also have a plan wherein we can physically clean up our township, with little or no cost to the township, as we want to beautify our community.

3. I believe the township tax rate is appropriate and the current board is doing a good job. Because of the difficult economic times we currently live in, I want to work towards not raising taxes. Businesses like Wal-Mart are good because of the tax base the bring into the township to help support the goal of controlling other costs while creating jobs. I appreciate the support that new businesses can provide to our fire company as they are required to fund fire and public safety endeavors. (With that said, I do believe that community growth needs to be controlled and weighed against its impact to our quality of life.)

4. I think Chief Snyder does an excellent job in his role chief of police. I have worked with him professionally on law enforcement issues in the past, I have found him to be very knowledgeable procedurally. I do not want us to merge with another township; however, as I noted in the first question, we need improve public relations and communications between the police and the community.

5. Currently we have good businessmen on the board and I think that is great. What I bring is the independent mindset of the average citizen. I have no personal agenda because I do not own a local business and I love the community that I live in. I currently serve as the Newberry Township auditor, I have a good relationships with the current board; however, I think I have a lot to offer as I can bring the average citizen's perceptive into the board meetings and the decision-making process.

Glenn I Wareham

1. Just considering all residents when making decisions, and showing no favoritism.

2. Preserve properties rights, and preserve the township's quality of life.

3. Current supervisors have a conservative approach, which is good for the township, I would bring the same, I feel they do a good job with funds, I do however think we can do better.

4. Newberry Township police do a great job for the township. I can't honestly answer the cost effectiveness at this time.

5. I'm running simply to give back to community. As far as why they should support me, I'm a resident that cares about the community and honest and straight forward.