State and local inspectors visit food-serving establishments once per year to ensure places that serve food are following safety guidelines, such as storing food at the proper temperature and keeping food preparation areas clean. The inspector has discretion to determine the severity of situations and decides whether an establishment is classified as compliant or non-compliant and whether to close the operation.Repeat violations or serious violations often result in a non-compliant status.

Noncompliant establishments are inspected more than once per year, with inspectors scheduling follow-up visits at their discretion. Facilities can be closed for imminent health hazards when they pose a serious threat to the community, such as an infestation, lack of water or gross unsanitary conditions.York City has its own inspection officers for establishments within city limits. The city provides scores, with 100 percent being the highest attainable.


The following establishments were inspected between April 23 and April 29 and listed as out-of-compliance.

Brown's Farm Market, 3100 N. George St. Extended, Emigsville.

Action: Issued 11 violations, including storing raw eggs above ready-to-eat fruits, foods being prepared next to a hand sink where they could be contaminated by soap and reheating and storing food at improper temperatures. Also, thermometers for ensuring proper ambient temperatures of food were not available or broken, and a handwash sink was being used for more than handwashing.


Comment: Owner Stan Brown said he was embarrassed by the violations, which he considers a "black eye" to a company that hadn't failed an inspection since it started as a roadside stand 63 years ago.

"I think we have a good record in York County," he said.

Brown said all of the issues were corrected immediately, though the inspector came during a lunch rush.

The manager of the location is very conscientious, and steps have been taken to make sure the violations don't occur again, he said.

Brown said he is also having a new sink installed.

Route 30 Seafood, 6486 Lincoln Highway West, Thomasville.

Action: Issued 10 violations, including improper handwashing, an employee working with exposed foods while wearing fingernail polish, not wearing hair restraints, improper storage of food, and having a dirty shelf in the kitchen.

Comment: Owner Tom Senft said he didn't consider the violations serious, but everything has been corrected.

"It's just dinky crap that they pick on you for," he said. "We had a little tougher (inspector) this time. They usually tell you what's wrong and let you change it without writing it down, but we just had one this time that just wrote everything up."

He said the establishment is safe, and has been operating for 25 years without ever having been out of compliance before.


The following establishments were inspected between April 23 and April 29 and listed as in compliance.

All Star Hot Dawgs LLC, 2899 Whiteford Road, York.

All The Perks Coffee, 2899 Whiteford Road, York.

Boardwalks, 3625 E. Market St., York.

Dippin Dots, 2899 Whiteford Road, York.

Eastern Bubble Tea & Smoothie, 2899 Whiteford Road, York.

Lewisberry Commonweath Fire Co., 105 W. Front St., Lewisberry.

Lions Pride Restaurant, 20 Dairyland Square, Red Lion.

Martins Potato Chips Inc., 5847 Lincoln Highway West, Thomasville.

Myoumi House, 2535 E. Market St., York.

Roburritos, 201 Memory Lane, York.

San Carlos, 333 Arsenal Road, York.

Subway No. 50933, 12921 Greensprings Drive, York.

Summer Breeze Ice Cream, 6825 Lincoln Highway, Thomasville.

Target Store T-1221, 2610 Pleasant Valley Road, York.

Thirsty's Quick Stop, 2914 E. Market St., York.


Kyles Grocery, 29 S. Beaver St. Score: 99.

Lindberg Academy, 329 S. Lindberg Ave. Score: 98

The Pie Shop, 34 W. Philadelphia St. Score: 100

Razorbacks Softball Association, 901 Vander Ave. Score: 97

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