Four southern York County municipalities are hoping a Pittsburgh law firm can negotiate a better cable contract for them.

Stewartstown, Fawn Grove, Delta and Fawn Township directed their solicitor, Craig Sharnetzka, to hire the Cohen Law Group to begin contract talks with Armstrong cable company.

Armstrong provides television, telephone and Internet services to the four communities. Their contracts expire by 2014.

Sharnetzka recommended the foursome use Cohen because the firm has experience dealing with communications companies. In the past, each municipality had conducted its own contract talks.

"Your chances of getting a higher franchise fee are better together than on your own," Sharnetzka told the Stewartstown council.

Cohen has agreed to review the municipalities' current contracts with Armstrong at no charge. If Cohen believes it can obtain a better deal, the foursome can then authorize the firm to represent them in formalized negotiations, Sharnetzka said.

The goal is for the four to obtain a greater franchise fee, improve services and lower rates for customers.

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