Several residences and businesses in McSherrystown Borough recently have reported metal products being stolen from their sites, according to Police Chief Michael Woods.

At this week's borough meeting, Woods told the council that in McSherrystown Borough alone reported thefts of materials are up considerably from last year.

The chief said from January through June of last year, there were eight such reported thefts in McSherrystown. This year, there already have been 16 reported thefts.

"It's not just in this town, these are the same kind of numbers being seen everywhere in the area," Woods said.

Many of the thefts involve welding wire and copper being taken, Woods said, with some incidents occurring in broad daylight.

Councilman Joseph VonSas said during a weekday afternoon last week a thief stole $800 worth of copper wire out of the back of his truck right in the parking lot of his business.

The thieves had to use a pipe cutter of some kind to take the wire, VonSas said, and also stole a steel barrel right off the porch of the building, probably to put the wire in.