An Adams County couple was found dead of gunshot wounds in their home north of Arendtsville on Thursday in what Coroner Pat Felix said was being investigated as a murder-suicide.

Felix identified the deceased as Jeff Mowen, 48, and Mary Mowen, 46.

Their landlord, George Baldwin, said he was baffled by the news. The Mowens were laid-back, down-to-earth folks, he said.

"When they told me my tenants were deceased, I was shocked. I was like, What?" Baldwin said. "I never had any problems with them. I never would have thought this."

Baldwin said he came to the house he rented to the couple at 1070 Brysonia-Wenksville Road after receiving a call from neighbors. They said police and TV news trucks swarmed around the house north of Arendtsville.

Baldwin knew few details.

But he said the couple's son discovered the man and woman dead Thursday evening.

Police say they were contacted by family members and asked to perform a "welfare check" at the house.

The couple had rented the house for several years, Baldwin said. In fact, he saw both during the past weekend.

"A lot of the other neighbors were surprised," Baldwin added.

Police removed the bodies late Thursday night. By 10 p.m., the house was dark and quiet.

Baldwin, alone in the driveway, said the couple had at least one cat and dog found roaming the house.