York County Literacy Council's mission is to empower adults and families with functional literacy skills, in English, that enable them to participate productively in the home, workforce and community. In 35 years, York County Literacy Council (YCLC) has helped thousands of people in the York community become self-sufficient, pursue higher education and improve employability. "YCLC also provides businesses the opportunity to improve the communication, production and safety of their employees with limited English proficiency." - Bobbi Anne Cavanaugh, Executive Director of YCLC.

For the estimated 40,000 functionally illiterate adults in York County, York County Literacy Council (YCLC) offers confidential services by means of three exceptional programs: Adult Reading for the native born English speaker, English as a Second Language (ESL) for individuals who first language is not English and Literacy In the Workplace for business employees to improve efficiency by increasing their skill level of the English language.

"Teaching literacy, language and communication skills may be one of the most powerful gifts to our economic challenges in York County," says Bill Yanavitch, Literacy Empowerment Campaign Chair, and Glatfelter Paper, and VP Human Service and Administration. The need for adult literacy is extremely high and with the efforts of the York County Literacy Council, adults in need can improve their literacy skills and have access to upward social mobility.

According to National Institute for Literacy, 90% of Fortune 1000 executives have expressed that low literacy is hurting their productivity and profitability. YCLC's Literacy In the Workplace tailors literacy instruction to meet your business needs. Employees learn to communicate more efficiently and effectively in English, making adult basic and ESL education the more affordable option to continually hiring new employees.

In the Pre-GED and Adult Learners classes, YCLC's Adult Reading Program, helps native-born, English speaking adults to improve reading, writing, spelling, math, and other basic literacy skills.

As the English as a Second Language (ESL) population continues to grow locally, an ESL program is essential to training future workers and community members in English skills. The ESL program's main goal is to improve basic conversation, speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Many small business owners partake in the ESL program to improve their communication skills with employees and customers.

In the 2010-2011 program year, 352 volunteers (200 tutors) provided 13,793 hours of services to 843 students. From humble beginnings to an established human service organization that has helped thousands in the York area, YCLC is a true community organization dedicated to improving the lives of all. What's next for the Literacy Council? The Board of Directors and Staff are dedicated to provide services for an additional 1,200 adults by 2016.

YCLC is an affiliate of ProLiteracy and a United Way of York Community Partner Agency. To find out more about the Literacy Council, contact them at (717) 845-8719 or visit their website at www.YorkLiteracy.org for more information.