The West York Highway Department office will be moved to the borough because of a resident complaint about the facility not meeting borough code.

Resident Joe Mummert of the 100 block of Clinton Street complained at a previous council meeting and came back for an update June 18. Mummert said the highway building does not meet a borough code that requires a minimum of one water closet, one toilet, one sink and one drinking facility.

There is an exception if the working area is in an adjacent structure under the same ownership, lease or control, and does not exceed a travel distance of 500 feet from the employees' regular working area to the facilities, Mummert said. The exception would not apply in this case, he said.

President Steve Herman said if Mummert wants to pursue the complaint, the council has a solution. As Mummert repeated his complaint, Herman said the highway building going forward will be used as a storage space and the borough's Public Works Director John Love will have a desk at the borough office.

Councilwoman Shelley Metzler said there would not be space for Love's files at the borough office. Councilman Brian Wilson said the highway department building would still be used as a workshop and should be brought up to borough regulation.

Councilman Shane Louthian asked Mummert if he served on council when the highway department had the same conditions and Mummert said yes.

Also, Mummert complained earlier that the borough does not have a leaf collector box and needs to procure one soon.

Love said the borough could purchase a solid metal box for about $4,000, or he could make a box out of collapsible wood and that can be folded and stored easily.

If a wooden box is used, the borough would need to purchase an electric chain hoist to safely load the box, he said.

The matter will be discussed at a future meeting.