Head coaches Jim and John Harbaugh will patrol opposite sidelines in today's Super Bowl, a sporting first and an epic moment in a lifetime spent competing against each another.

In celebration of the Super Bowl siblings, we culled a list of famous battling offspring from the world of literature, movies, TV and Greek mythology.


1. "The Bible" (Cain and Abel) - According to the Book of Genesis, the two sons of Adam and Eve became the first murderer (Cain) and the first human to die (Abel).

2. "King Lear" (Edmund and Edgar) - In Shakespeare's "King Lear," Edmund resents his illegitimate status, and plots to dispose of his legitimate older brother, Edgar.

3. "Pride and Prejudice" (The Bennet sisters) - The Bennet sisters compete with one another to marry and climb the social ladder in 19th-century England.


4. "The Iliad" (Athena and Ares) - At one point during the Trojan War, god of war Ares intervenes on behalf of the Trojans, prompting his sister, goddess of war Athena, to aid the Greeks.

5. Zeus and Poseidon - These sons of the titan Cronos helped overthrow their father together, but Poseidon, god of the sea, at times became angered by some of the decisions of Zeus, ruler of all the gods.


6. "The Simpsons" (Bart and Lisa Simpson) - He pulled the pranks, she poured on the holier-than-thou attitude, and we laughed. Still, they've had their touching moments, such as Bart singing "Lisa, it's your birthday" with Michael Jackson.

7. "Two and a Half Men" (Alan and Charlie) - The hit CBS sitcom told the story of down-on-his-luck Alan, who lived off the charity of his boozy, skirt-chasing, rich brother, Charlie.

8. "Dallas" (Bobby and J.R. Ewing) - Feuding between the Ewing brothers drove most of the plot lines in the long-running nighttime soap opera as Bobby had the character and scruples that J.R. lacked.


9. "The Godfather" (Fredo and Michael Corleone) - The fates of the two Corleone brothers is the main plot line of the classic 1972 film. The college-educated Michael is the brightest of the Corleone siblings, while Fredo is considered weak and briefly joins a family rival.

10. "The Lord of the Rings" (Boromir and Faramir) - While the captains of Gondor don't treat each other as rivals, their father, the steward Denethor, often pits the two against each other, as he openly favors Boromir.

11. "The Lion King" (Scar and Mufasa) - After King Mufasa has a son, the king's younger brother, Scar, kills him in a jealous fit over losing his chance to be king.