THE FAWN TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS recently appointed Diane Lloyd to the planning commission, Jack Wolfe and Kenny Moore to the zoning hearing board and Henry Sommer to the vacancy board. They also named Rick Marsteller and Terri Marsteller as emergency management coordinator and assistant, respectively.

THE HOPEWELL TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS recently appointed James Fritz to the planning commission, Joe Shanabrough and Mary Glass to the zoning hearing board, and Gerry Lucas to the board of Hopewell Area Recreation and Parks.

THE PEACH BOTTOM TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS recently named Wes Carter and Dave Stewart to the planning commission, Marlyn Flaharty to the zoning hearing board, Stanley Snodgrass to the vacancy board, Wes Carter to the recreation commission and Leona Smith to the board of Mason-Dixon Community Services.

THE SHREWSBURY TOWNSHIP BOARD OF SUPERVISORS recently appointed Keith J. Hunnings of South Penn Code Consultants as enforcement and zoning officer, UCC inspector, and sewage enforcement officer; Michael Poole and Ethan Poe, alternate sewage enforcement officers.; Charles A. Rausch of Blakey, Yost, Bupp and Rausch, solicitor; Blakey, Yost, Bupp and Rausch, planning commission solicitor; Jeffrey S. Shue, C.S. Davidson Inc., township engineer; Don Koser, HRG, alternate engineer; Todd A.


Zeigler, right-to-know officer; Kochenour, Earnst, Smyser-Burg, certified public accountant; Todd Zeigler, representative to York Area Earned Income Tax Bureau; Susan Fox, alternate; Gene Montanarelli, representative to Local Covernment Advisory Committee; Cynthia DeLeone, transportation coalition committee; Clarence Nace, Jeff Rennoll, Paul Solomon, James Waganer and Thomas Whitcraft, to agriculture security committee; Paul Solomon, township planning commission, regional planning commission and landscape advisor; David Kilminster, zoning hearing board and Jeff Brown, alternate; John Parish, vacancy board; Andy Bobby, athletic field scheduler; and Ed Hughes, emergency management coordinator.