Now 16, Paul Pierre Goodin has been moved from York County Prison -- where he had been without bail since he was charged with criminal homicide last September -- to juvenile detention to await adjudication on the charge as a minor.

York City Police charged Goodin as an adult at age 15 after, they alledge, he fatally stabbed Davon Jones, his sister's 28-year-old boyfriend, during an argument outside Goodin's father's home in the 100 block of South Queen Street.

Pennsylvania law allows authorities to charge teens over the age of 14 as adults in murder cases.

The teen can seek "decertification" to juvenile court by proving the transfer will serve the public interests.

Last week, York County Common Pleas Judge John C. Uhler granted Paul's decertification request, ordering him to be moved to a youth development center.

Uhler ordered an adjudication hearing on the homicide charge to be held within 20 days.

Uhler ruled that Paul and his court-appointed attorney, Lori Yost, had met the "burden to demonstrate he is amenable to treatment and that transfer to the juvenile system would serve the public interest."

"Treatment as a juvenile in a juvenile setting is more likely to ensure his maturation into a responsible citizen and to enhance rather that jeopardize public safety," Uhler said in the decertification order.

Criminal homicide includes the charges of first- and third-degree murder, punishable respectively by life in prison without parole and 20 to 40 years in state prison, and voluntary and involuntary manslaughter.


In juvenile court, a minor who is found responsible for a crime can remain under the jurisdiction of that judicial system, where rehabilitation and treatment are the goals, until age 21.

Yost declined to comment on the judge's decision.