Two tutors are needed for two French teens who are coming to south central Pennsylvania for three weeks in July or August. Students will live with the tutors, who are preferably part of a married household and with children of about the same age as the student, but others could be considered. Tutors must be certified teachers of English, ESL, foreign language, reading or related field. Some familiarity with French is helpful but not required. Normally, lessons are planned for 10 or more morning hours per week. The rest of the day, tutors are asked to include the students in their normal daily routines to help reinforce what was taught. Day trips are encouraged. Tutors are paid an hourly stipend. Students speak some English, their areas of weakness will be made known. They are fully insured and have their own spending money. This program is part of LEC, a French organization that has placed students in American homes since 1972. LEC Capital Region has found hosts and tutors for students for the past four years. For details, visit, email or call 717-545-2979.