Local students recently exhibited their artwork during York College of Pennsylvania's Senior Graphic Design Exhibition which opened April 13 in the York College Galleries. Graphic design majors present thematically cohesive bodies of work showcasing the skills and techniques they have acquired at the College before leaving to pursue careers as professional artists and designers. The students work collectively during their final semester to refine their creative vision and learn to present themselves and their work in a professional manner. This process culminates with an exhibition of their work and the Senior Portfolio Presentations.

Adam Schreiber of New Freedom, son of John and Lela Schreiber, showed his project, "The Experience," which targets the Hollister and Abercrombie brands. Amanda Wienecke of Fawn Grove, daughter of Diane and Pat Pieton and Paul Wienecke, showed her project, "Shop 'til You Drop Your Attitude," a series of rules for what not to do when you're in public, based on her experiences. James Mathison of York, son of Thomas and Crystal Mathison, showed his senior project, "Lunartic," a comic book for adults. Lindsey Gemmill of Stewartstown, daughter of Robert and Linda Gemmill, showed her senior project, "En Route," a redesign of the 50 license plates.