White Rose Bridge Club winners for the week ending May 19

Monday: N/S Barbara Ash, Lou Cookson; E/W Mary Lou Millen, Nina Nicolaisen.

Tuesday: N/S(A) Dot Newcomer, Edie Small; N/S(B) Joyce Kelkis, Ermie Conner tied with Ann Collie, Catherine McCorckle; E/W(A) Kitty Miller, Frances Allison; E/W(B) Jackie Hill, Pat Vitello tied with Polly Riggs, Gail Boone.

Wednesday: N/S John Miller, Lorraine Orie; E/W Susan Wolfgang, John Albright.

Thursday: N/S Susan and John Sobestanovich; E/W John Miller, John Albright.

Friday: N/S Clare Warren, Jo Hano; E/W Al Insley, John Miller.