Both the York Fair and Peach Bottom Atomic Power Station contributed to a temporary boost in jobs in September.

Exelon Generation took on thousands of temporary contractors to tackle various maintenance jobs during the plant's Unit 2 refueling outage which lasted from Sept. 9 through Oct.21.

Typically, the plant employs about 800 workers, said Garey Stathes, Peach Bottom's site vice president.

In September 2011, the county's mining, logging and construction job sector employed 11,500 jobs. This year, thanks to the refueling outage, the number of positions in that sector jumped to 12,600.

The York Fair added 100 temporary jobs to the local leisure and hospitality sector - an segment that tends to drop along with a seasonal decrease in food service and recreation positions.

Despite help from the York Fair and Peach Bottom, the county's September unemployment rate remained unchanged from August at 7.9 percent, according to data released this week by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry.

Last September, the local unemployment rate stood at 7.8 percent.

By comparison, the state's rate is 8.2 percent while 7.8 percent of the nation is looking for work.

Part-time work

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