York County Buy Fresh Buy Local invites you to learn more about the home grown goodness York County has to offer.

Miller Plant Farm will host the Tastes of York event from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 15 with sample goods from local vendors and musical entertainment.

BFBL is about supporting local farmers and growers and helping consumers to un derstand the importance of buying locally grown foods and how to find those local growers.

“Nutrition is tied to freshness. Why buy some thing that is shipped when you can find fresh food grown right here in York County?,” Dave Miller said.

The proceeds from Tastes of York go to sup port Buy Fresh Buy Local and to help pay for the food guide for this year, he said.

York County Buy Fresh Buy Local s mission is to educate the public on the benefits and availability of local products, such as the cage-free and free-range
York County Buy Fresh Buy Local s mission is to educate the public on the benefits and availability of local products, such as the cage-free and free-range eggs shown in the photo below at Flinchbaugh s Orchard & Farm Market, also in Hellam Township. (WEEKLY RECORD FILE)

Buying locally grown fruits and vege tables and other foods means the consum er is getting them at the peak of freshness and it also helps the local economy, Miller said.

The Tastes of York event will feature approximately 15 local vendors including restaurants, farm markets and a dairy, as well as those who can tell you all about savings through community-supported agriculture, where you can grow your own food and pick your own crops.


* * *

Chef George Shaffer of Victor’s Restau rant in York, one of the vendors who will attend the event, makes using locally grown produce a priority.

“It is important to support local farm ers. We pick and choose from what is in season and highlight and feature that on our menus,” he said.

His menu for this event will revolve around what is available with the possibil ity of a few additional items.

“If I show up and find a couple things not included in my demonstration I will add them on the spot,” he said.


* * *

Perrydell Farm Dairy will be on hand, too, said Tom Perry, who runs the business in partnership with his brothers, Greg and Chip, and his wife, Donna. They milk 130 cows and produce a variety of dairy prod ucts, including milk and ice cream avail able at their family-owned store and at area grocery stores.

Perry, who plans to hand out samples of his chocolate or flavored milk at the Taste of York event, said local farmers depend on local support.

“If a guy starts a local business and gets support from the local people, he suc ceeds. If he doesn’t get support he doesn’t succeed. If you support local farmers you are helping to save the family farms,” he said.


* * *

Darrell L. Tobin, executive chef and co- owner of York Blue Moon Restaurant, un derstands the importance of serving local ly grown food items.

“As a ‘grown locally’ man myself, I cherish the land and people who live here and make their livelihood here,” he said. “Locally grown produce, eggs and meats just taste better, are a better value, sup port the local economy, last longer on the shelf and typically are more economical than those shipped in.”

Homegrown food is typically more eco nomical and fresher than food grown else where, Tobin said, but when the weather does not cooperate it takes the help of friends to find enough local foods to satisfy his customers.

The Buy Fresh Buy Local food guide includes information on local bakers, beekeepers, butchers, caterers, CSAs, dairies, farms, grocers, nurseries,
The Buy Fresh Buy Local food guide includes information on local bakers, beekeepers, butchers, caterers, CSAs, dairies, farms, grocers, nurseries, orchards, restaurants, wineries and more. Pictured is Family Tree Farm s stand in the Red Lion area. (WEEKLY RECORD FILE)

“Last year, due to the weather, the local fresh peach crop ended abruptly and my childhood friend Jimmy Markey came up with some for us so we could continue our seasonal menu until the early autumn menu was ready to be instituted,” he said.

When local foods are not in season, Tobin said he thinks of the seasons. For example, during the five holidays after Christmas through the end of March, he thinks of what we eat during those holi days, such as foods with cherries around Washington’s birthday, foods that are red, Irish foods, foods that are green.

“As my Mom used to say, ‘there is just something about the soil here in York County that makes everything that comes from here taste so much better than from elsewhere,’” he said.

Tobin said he thinks education is a key to helping support local farmers and our economy.

“From what I understand they don’t even teach home economics anymore in schools. I think many don’t even know how to “string” sugar snap peas, or green beans or how to check to see if a melon is ripe or a tomato is just perfect to eat,” Tobin said.


* * *

Julie Flinchbaugh of Flinchbaugh’s Or chard & Farm Market near Hellam, likes the buy local concept because it is fosters conversations and cooperation among local growers and is a way to let consum ers know what is available; and its Farm to Schools program is another way to teach children the importance of eating fresh, lo cally grown foods.

Flinchbaugh is part of a group of BFBL partners working to promote local Farm to School efforts across the county.

“Initial steps in the process include gaining a better understanding of the types of foods grown locally and also the needs of the schools,” said Joe Anne Ward-Cot trell, a health educator with WellSpan Health.


About BFBL

BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL is a nationwide branding campaign with state and local chapters, said Kimberly Gross, development coordinator for the York County Economic Alliance.

“The mission of the local chapter is to connect the people of York County to locally produced food and farm products. We try to highlight all of the goodies York has to offer and to promote the easy access and oppor tunities York consumers have to shop local ly,” Gross said.

Part of that is getting to know your local farmers and growers.

“Personally, I love not only purchasing locally grown products, but getting to know our local businesses and who is growing our food. I love when my husband says ‘Where did you get the corn?’ and I can reply ‘Oh, from Dave, or Jon, or Julie’ and he knows exactly who I mean,” Gross said.

For details and a calendar of other activi ties happening throughout the summer, visit www.buyfreshbuylocalyork.com.


BFBL Food Guide

THE YORK COUNTY BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL FOOD GUIDE can be found at any of the 52 partner locations or online at buyfreshbuylocalyork.com/Websites/bfbl/ images/YorkFoodGuide2013.pdf, said Kim berly Gross, development coordinator for the York County Economic Alliance.

The chapter had 10,000 printed this year, double the number from last year “and we will be trying to get them out to the public through many channels, but most important ly we would love for people to visit our local farms and farm markets to pick up their copy,” she said.

The guide includes bakers, beekeepers, butchers, caterers, CSAs, dairies, farms, farm markets, grocers, nurseries, orchards, processors, restaurants, wineries and more, she said.

BFBL partners

BUY FRESH BUY LOCAL PARTNERS in clude Accomac Inn, Allegro Winery, Brown’s Orchards & Farm Market, The Busy Bee, Central Family Restaurant, Central Market House, Charles Ilyes Family Inc., Dietz Pro duce, Dillsburg Farmers Market, Esaan Thai Restaurant, Fair’s Produce, Family Tree Farm, Farmers’ Market, Flinchbaugh’s Or chard & Farm Market, Forno Inferno, Gin grich Apiaries, Goldfinch Farm, Healthy World Café, Horn Farm Center, J-Mar Farms, John Wright Restaurant, Juliana’s in the Village, Kenmar Farms, Logan’s View Winery, Lyman’s Nursery, Maple Lawn Farms, Markets at Shrewsbury, Miller Plant Farm, M&M Farm , Naylor Wine Cellars, New Eastern Market, Nuts About Granola, Peter’s Produce, Ravens Blueberry Farm, Shaw Orchards, Side by Side Farm, Siwik Produce, Sonnewald Natural Foods, Spout wood Farm, Sunnyside Farm, Texas Long horn Beef Co., Trios Restaurant, Triple “A” Dwarf Acres, Twin Pine Farm Country Store, Swamp Fox Farm, Windy Hill Orchard & Farm and YorKitchen.


Scavenger Hunt

YOU ARE INVITED to join the Buy Fresh Buy Local Scavenger Hunt which kicks off June 15.

Scavenger hunt game maps will be available at any BFBL partner location or may be downloaded from www.buyfreshbuy localyork.com, said Kimberly Gross, devel opment coordinator for the York County Economic Alliance.

While participants need to visit only eight of the 32 member locations to get their map stamped and be “entered to win a bunch of prizes,” the scavenger hunt invites partici pants to make their way through 32 local farms and businesses to discover home grown goodness all over the county, she said.

“We used to do the scavenger hunt in one day and people had to rush to get to five or six locations, and they didn’t really have time to look around and shop. This year we are encouraging people to visit all or most of the businesses,” Gross said. “Many of them are in clusters and people could make it a road trip, stopping at several places in one day but still have time to look around and shop.”

The scavenger hunt ends Aug. 10 with a wrap-up party at the John Wright Restau rant, she said.

“Once you are finished playing, you can drop your map at any of these locations or join us for the party on August 10,” Gross said. “It will be held overlooking the beautiful Susquehanna, there will be vendors giving out samples of local foods and we will be an nouncing prizes. The time of the party and other details will be available on our website as they are determined.”

If you go

THE TASTES OF YORK will be 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 15 at Miller’s Plant Farm, 430 Indian Rock Dam Road, York Township. Tickets are $8 in advance or $10 at the door and are avail able at Miller’s Plant Farm.

All proceeds benefit the York Chapter of Buy Fresh Buy Local.

Among the vendors who will participate are Victor’s Restaurant, The Horn Farm Center, The Blue Moon, Flinchbaugh’s Orchard and Farm Market, Bistro 19, Perrydell Dairy, Brown’s Orchards and Farm Market, Paddock on Market, Sonnewald Natural Foods, Spout wood Farm and Miller’s Plant Farm.