The art of not running on No Sweat blog.
The art of not running on No Sweat blog. (Kate Penn - DailY Record / Sunday News)
Once again I find myself writing about one of my least favorite topics, not running.

I had grand plans for my first week of marathon training, which started a week and a half ago. I would tackle hills, add some speedwork, even weight lifting!

Instead germs infested my body and walking down a flight of stairs was enough to leave me soaked in sweat. I tried not to read all the articles I was being bombarded by, “Start the New Year Right!”, “How to run your best race!”, “New Year, New You!”, because these just left me even more frustrated from my tissue littered perch on my couch. So here's how I spent week 1 of marathon training

1. Taking pictures of my cat in paper hats. 

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