The YDR's Sonya Paclob was looking for stories in Mount Wolf, Pa., the other day. She saw the always interesting Mount Wolf theater, now the Mount Wolf Community Church.

'Cool looking community church. Mt. Wolf Gospel Arts Theatre,' Sonya wrote in on Twitter.

The Southern Baptist Church's website gives this interesting history of the theater - and the church: 'The Mt. Wolf Movie Theatre (as everyone seems to know it by) opened in 1946. It then reopened in 1993 as The Mt. Wolf Gospel Arts Theatre.

Owner Jud Wagner donated the theatre to Oak Grove Baptist Church of Bel Air, Md.

Several Oak Grove's singers and ministries enjoyed friendship with the Wagner's and Dellosso's.

They knew Reverend Dan Dellosso had aspirations to be a senior pastor one day so they asked him to lead a new church in the theatre.

(Dan was serving as an associate Pastor at Calvary Bible Church in Hanover.)

'I'm living my dream,' Dellosso said, 'I always knew the Lord called me to be a pastor. I just didn't know how it would happen. When they asked me to be the pastor, I just broke down crying.'

Mount Wolf Community Church held its first service 10 years ago today, Jan. 10, 2004.

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