Paige Snyder is a York County Dairy Miss.
Paige Snyder is a York County Dairy Miss. (Submitted)

The York County Promotion Committee is looking for interested girls and boys who would like to represent the dairy industry and promote it for local farmers by becoming a Dairy Miss or Dairy Prince. At the "The Dairy Princess Tea," 2 p.m. March 16 at the Red Lion Grange building, have your questions answered about the program and find out exactly what the children will do during the year. If you're interested or have questions, call Gabrielle Murphy at 717-887-6465, Cindy Rutter at 717-324-8416 or Penny Snyder at 717-862-3732.

Being a Dairy Miss or Princess

One of York County's current Dairy Miss representatives is Paige Snyder, who wrote the following about the program:

Have you ever thought about being a wonderful Dairy Miss? Did you know they have a lot of jobs? Have you ever wondered how to be a Dairy Miss? You'll learn this and more in my piece about becoming a Dairy Princess.

Do you want to know how to be a Dairy Miss? First you have to go to meetings. Then you have to sign up. When you're a Dairy Miss, you hand out milk, ice cream and cow keychains. You train to be a future dairy princess and help people learn about the dairy industry. A Dairy Miss helps the princess carry the things she needs to have with her. Don't you think it sounds extremely fun to be a Dairy Miss?

When I was a Dairy Miss I went to Clearview and I served ice cream. I went on trips to find out some more information about cows. One time we drove to the back of the school and we showed a cow. Classes came out to see the cow. It felt smooth and some people said, "Aww!"

In conclusion, now you know all about being a Dairy Miss. The jobs are good. Some day I would like to be a Dairy Princess. Maybe you would like to be one too.