Students at local universities have recently received degrees during fall and winter graduations.

HACC: Zechariah Myers of Abbottstown, Courtney Weibley of Abbottstown, Caitlin Altland of East Berlin, Kimberly Bogue of East Berlin, Christina Elliott of East Berlin, Chelsy Fishel of East Berlin, Andrew Hess of East Berlin, Jennifer Hess of East Berlin, Kayla Lopez-Enriquez of East Berlin, Anthony Pellegrini of East Berlin, Elizabeth Black of Gettysburg, Jordan Bowers of Gettysburg, Ricky Bumbaugh of Gettysburg, Alison Dolly of Gettysburg, Corey Gabree of Gettysburg, Kati Garner of Gettysburg, Autumn Hanzlik of Gettysburg, Matthew Matson of Gettysburg, Dustin Monn of Gettysburg, Ashley Newlin of Gettysburg, Rocio Sandoval-Contreras of Gettysburg, Jamie Shaffer of Gettysburg, Ashley Smith of Gettysburg, Jennifer Smith of Gettysburg, McKenna Uhrinek of Gettysburg, Tyler Basom of Hanover, Lauren Cole of Hanover, Shane Duckworth of Hanover, Michael Hagerman of Hanover, Dale Peck of Hanover, Raul Diaz of Littlestown, Janey Green of Littlestown, Amanda Lester of Littlestown, Allison Perrera of Littlestown, Bobbi McCullough of McKnightstown, Rebecca Singleton of McSherrystown, Megan Ambrose of New Oxford, Natalie Cross of New Oxford, Jessica Fahey of New Oxford, Nathan Foster of New Oxford, Christa Garman of New Oxford, Kylsea Goodling of New Oxford, Shelby Goodling of New Oxford, Sarah Hartlaub of New Oxford, Alysa Herrera of New Oxford, Roberta Isaac of New Oxford, Rebekah Small of New Oxford, Coty Wise of New Oxford, Christina Druck of Brogue, Bradley Anstine of Dallastown, Jessica Boyer of Dallastown, Carl Castell Jr. of Dallastown, Danielle Decker of Dallastown, Meaghan Delgado of Dallastown, Denise Dellone of Dallastown, Angela Donivan of Dallastown, Rachelle Myers of Dallastown, Melissa Pena of Dallastown, Hillary Cessna of Dillsburg, Angela Bailey of Dillsburg, Brenda Baumgardner of Dillsburg, Anthony Carricato of Dillsburg, John Cramer of Dillsburg, Marisa Drew of Dillsburg, Matthew Edwards of Dillsburg, Brenda Harman of Dillsburg, Jonathan Wolfe of Dillsburg, Brittany Yerger of Dillsburg, Tara Bower of Dover, Alyssa Brumbach of Dover, Kyle Cowan of Dover, Hope Davis of Dover, Christopher Dentler of Dover, Deborah Eveler of Dover, Tessa Ferguson of Dover, Alexa Gorham of Dover, Amanda Hoffman of Dover, Holly Matthews of Dover, Abbagale McClure of Dover, Katherine Ryan of Dover, Theodore Shermeyer III of Dover, Sharnette Smith of Dover, Carol Snell of Dover, Dezirae Stewart of Dover, Tiffany Strickhouser of Dover, Amanda Sweitzer of Dover, Terrance Thornton of Dover, Lydia Wolf of Dover, Kirsten Leathery of East Berlin, Sean Anderson of Etters, Joshua Blaisure of Etters, Joshua Blaisure of Etters, Christopher Brown of Etters, Daniel Cashman of Etters, Kaitlyn Cook of Etters, Nicole Hudson of Etters, Wyatt Lyter of Etters, Jennifer Mikelski of Etters, Jeffrey Pizzoli of Etters, Abby Robinson of Etters, Sarah Shaffer of Etters, Logan Siekerman of Etters, Alexander Dickson of Fawn Grove, Jennifer Howard of Fawn Grove, Denise Marsjanik of Felton, Amanda Plate of Felton, Katie Tanner of Felton, Kristin Irwin of Glen Rock, Travis Zeller of Glen Rock, Michael Brennan Jr. of Hanover, Deverell Coffman of Hanover, Heather Coffman of Hanover, Kyle Cook of Hanover, Aliou Djibrilla of Hanover, Krista Donsen of Hanover, Ian Freiert of Hanover, Andrea Fuhrman of Hanover, Laura Hart of Hanover, Erin Hill of Hanover, Susan Humes of Hanover, Tyler Laughman of Hanover, Katie Lippy of Hanover, Jackie Messinger of Hanover, Abbey Motter of Hanover, Zachary Paradise of Hanover, Briana Pittman of Hanover, Heather Reed of Hanover, Renee Reese of Hanover, Megan Rice of Hanover, John Rider of Hanover, Jordan Scott of Hanover, Heather Stauffer of Hanover, Kathleen Stump of Hanover, Brianna Weaver of Hanover, Amy Wingert of Hanover, Kevin Dietz Jr. of Lewisberry, Dylan Shaffer of Lewisberry, Jessica Brubaker of Manchester, Patrick De Garay of Manchester, Amanda Ziegler of Manchester, Sarah Combs of Mount Wolf, Stacey Moser of Mount Wolf, Debra Smith of Mount Wolf, Amanda Nash of New Park, Jennifer Coppage of Red Lion, Lisa Hall of Red Lion, Brook King of Red Lion, Randal Lint II of Red Lion, Kerry McCarthy of Red Lion, Brittany Meyerhoffer of Red Lion, Melody Morris Johnson of Red Lion, Danielle Fetrow of Seven Valleys, Meghan Simmons of Seven Valleys, Becky Warren of Seven Valleys, Jennifer Glatfelter of Shrewsbury, Melissa Hopkins of Shrewsbury, Julia Reed of Shrewsbury, Connie Riley of Shrewsbury, Jeffrey Yealdhall of Shrewsbury, Amanda Bond of Spring Grove, Justin Strine of Spring Grove, Tyler Bonham of Stewartstown, Sharon Carter of Stewartstown, Dustin Childress of Stewartstown, Brian Thomas of Stewartstown, Mary Thompson of Stewartstown, Robert Fonner of Thomasville, Bridgett Smith of Thomasville, Kathy Wray of Thomasville, Jessica Harbold of West York, Jaron Tipton of Windsor, Amanda Gingerich of Wrightsville, Marleigh Hershner of Wrighsville, Brandy Bailey of York, Katrina Barker of York, Jacqueline Becker of York, Benjamin Beddia of York, Allison Bloodsworth of York, Nicole Carr of York, Jose Cedeno of York, Shontez Corley of York, Alex De Jesus of York, Erika Dorn of York, Danielle Eberly of York, Leanne Ferree of York, Jacqueline Fickes of York, Abby Fisher of York, Tessa Forry of York, Jolie Geelhaar of York, Amanda Gladfelter of York, Danielle Grey of York, Courtney Hargrave of York, Nancy Haroldson of York, Lori Harper of York, Dana Harrison of York, David Harvey Jr. of York, David Heller of York, Alicia Hunt of York, Christopher Kirsch of York, Caroline Lee of York, John Lilley of York, Junior Madera of York, Robert Mallory of York, Holly Malmberg of York, George Mendez of York, Kimberley Mong of York, Dane Moser of York, Freesia Nardo of York, Peter Bungha Ndasi of York, Juan Perez of York, Kelsey Reed of York, Amanda Rios of York, Catherine Roberts of York, Bianca Rodriguez of York, Mindy Russell of York, Charles Schultheis of York, Brooke Sheely of York, Jenalee Short of York, Geraldine Shwiri of York, Jessica Smith of York, Renee Staub of York, Nonglak Steele of York, Amandah Stem of York, Brea Sterner of York, Jennifer Strayer of York, Lydia Sutton-Woody of York, Stacey Testerman of York, Becky Waganer of York, Cailey Wertz of York, Adrienne White of York, Amanda White of York, Bridget Wiles of York, Te'Sia Ziolkowski of York, Sarah Zmolek of York, Lindsey Beyer of York Haven, Jonathan Campbell of York Haven, Janyce Dunlap of York Haven, and Ingrid Hartman of York Haven.

California University of Pa.: Jared Bauriedl of East Berlin, Joshua Hippensteel of New Oxford, Caleb Tyson of Dallastown, Marcie Boyer of Dillsburg, Catherine Kveragas of Dover, Rachel Reachard of Dover, Katy Forbes of Glen Rock, Larry Derby of Hanover, Matthew Gaines of Lewisberry, Dylan Minnick of Lewisberry, April Weirich of Manchester, John Starceski of Red Lion, Gabrielle Styles of Seven Valleys, Drake Dorm of York, and Lindsey Shaffer-Bloom of York.

Elizabethtown College School of Continuing and Professional Studies: Lisa Ahmed of York, Emily Anderson of Dallastown, Rebecca Bryan of York, Laurie Czaplinski of Shrewsbury, Ella Saylor-Fritz of York, Nicole Fry of Seven Valleys, Sharon Harner of York, Brittney Koons of York, Sara Krist of York, Barbara Kunkel of York, Amber Miller of Hanover, Constance Patterson of Glen Rock, Jesse Pitzer of York, Adriane Shultz of York, Stephanie Slonaker of New Oxford, Keith Weisser of Dallastown, Kristy Wilson of Red Lion and Laura Yateman of York.