For local students and educators, this winter's heavy snowfall has resulted in missed days, late starts, and disrupted work flow. With spring still weeks away, Eastern York School District administrative officials are searching for ways to make up for the total of 10 days missed so far due to inclement weather without extending the school year further into summer break.

According to a letter provided by Supt. Dr. Darla M. Pianowski to district parents, the amount of days missed would ordinarily require the district to extend the school year to a new end date of June 13.

However, at the Feb. 20 school board meeting, board members unanimously voted to apply for an ACT-80 Exception from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. If approved, this would allow the district to use time accrued during teacher/staff development days to count for the required 180 classroom days. Students would not be required to attend.

At the board meeting, Pianowski said that the district had never applied for the exception, but in light of the number of cancellations this year, she felt confident that the request would be taken seriously.

If approved, the school year will end Friday, June 6. Originally, the district had planned to end June 4. If there are additional cancellations this year, students will be expected to make up the time during Easter break, beginning with Thursday, April 17, and if required, Monday, April 21.

After that, additional days will have to be tacked on to the end of the year.

Pianowski said she will be updating district residents as soon as PDE contacts the district regarding the ACT-80 Exception application.

Updates are also available on the district's website at