DALLASTOWN- Dallastown Area School District has formed a career and workforce education and development advisory board comprised of local business representatives aligned by the district's Career Pathways. The advisory board will work with the district's career integration committee and school board members to address the following questions:

· What are the skills needed to be successful in your occupational interest area? What changes do you anticipate over the next five years?

· What are the barriers which must be overcome to enhance career and workforce educational opportunities in your occupational area? How can additional career and workforce education opportunities be provided?

· What academic and technological skills are needed to be successful in your occupational field?

Supt. Ron Dyert and Jud Stauffer, school-to-work coordinator, will facilitate the meeting and the K-12 career integration committee will analyze the findings and recommendations.

What's next: The advisory board will meet April 4 to develop initiatives that will be reviewed in the summer by the K-12 Career Integration Committee.