School: Eastern York High School

Number of graduates: 191

Ceremony: 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the school's gymnasium

Speaker: Senior class president, Logan Matthew Toomey

Valedictorian: Jazmine Marie Buster

Salutatorian: Lauren Anne Gillespie

Song reference: Principal Mark Shue said the graduates "Chose to receive their advice from Lynryd Skynyrd." He called the band's song, "Freebird," which was the 2012 class song, a good song. Shue highlighted the first line of the song and challenged the students to go out and "make a difference."

What the salutatorian said: Gillespie called the Class of 2012 a class of firsts. She said that the class was the first to be at the new high school for all four years. She also reminded everyone that the class is the first class of the millennium, having started kindergarten in 2000.

What the valedictorian said: Buster started her speech by saying: "Life is going to become shaken and stirred." She continued to share memories about school and mentioned a school lunch seating arrangement boycott she was involved with that they called "Join the Bunch, Pack a Lunch".

Funniest speech: Toomey mentioned parking sideways in the parking lot and got a chuckle from the crowd. His speech also called his class a "class full of leaders."

"Leadership is essential to virtually any citizen," he said. He closed with a quote from Dr. Seuss: "You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You're on your own. And you know what you know. You are the guy who'll decide where to go."

Class colors: Orange and camo

Military: Gillespie mentioned that nine of her classmates were headed for military service.

Eastern York High School Class of 2012

Keri Aldinger, Christopher Anderson, Jenna Anthony, Mikayla Arnold, Seth Arnold, Ryan Bailey, Brooke Barrett, David Beaver, Chase Beaverson, Ryan Beck, Kirsten Belcher, Jacqueline Bleich, Alexandria Bletz, Dante Boemio, Ellie Boswell, Justin Bowman, Monroe Brant IV, Abigail Brate, Jazmine Buster, Jonathan Cassel, Christopher Chamberlain, Caroll Charles, Jaclyn Charles, Nikki Chisnell, Katie Chronister, Christopher Clawson, Bree Cooley, Tessa Cox, Broc Crider, Logan Crider, Jasmine Cruz, Dillon Daugherty, Ryan Davis, Rebecah Delp, Brandy Deppen, Douglas Deppen, Morgan DeRemer, Alicia Detwiler, Kristine Diaz, Samantha Dicke, Matthew Diehl, Aaron Dietz, Jared Dietz, Dylan Donaghy, Benjamin Dubbs, Justin Dubbs, Gabrielle Duncker, Steven Dunham, Levi Dunlap, Brian Eifert, Hannah Eisenberger, Caitlyn Fitch, Leeza Flinchbaugh, Michael Forrey, Larcy Forsyth, Casey Fowler, Taylor Frey, Cassandra Fritz, Alissa Gable, Chad Garver, Jacob Gembe, Colby Gibson, Matthew Gilbert, Lauren Gillespie, Erin Glatfelter, Ivan Gonzalez, Matthew Goshert, Jeremy Gottsch, Sabrina Grady, Mace Grafton, Krystal Graham, Brittany Green, Abbigale Greineder, Jessica Grove, James Guiseppe, Colton Habecker, Michael Hammer, Shane Harlacher, Isaac Hartsock, Timothy Hartzell, Tanalea Heindel, Tyler Heiss, Christopher Helsel, Adam Henise, Haylei Herbert, Logan Herrick, Kyle Hershner, Caleb Hertzler, Codi Hibbard, Tanner Hiltz, Lauren Himes, Tyler Himes, Kaylyn Hoffmaster, Brittany Hollis, Brooke Holtzinger, Michael Houck, Mirela Huber, Matthew Huggins, Lacy Ilyes, Dylan Jackson, Isaac Jensen, Logan Johnson, Devin Jones, Buck Kauffman, Jacob Kautz, Victoria Keller, Dominique Kendrick-Majors, Tyler Kessler, Courtney Kline, Maria Koeshartono, Richard Kyte, Mitchell Laratonda, Jacob Lauer, Mathew Lauer, Patrick Leahy, Kyle Leiphart, Erika Lentz, Frank Lloyd, Charles Lowe, Jennifer Mack, Derek Mann, C'Jerika Manning, Alexander Markle, Kendra Masch, Molly Maxwell, Kaylee McAdams, Haley McGuigan, Bryce McIndoe, Alec McKee, Brandon Mclasky, Joshua Meckley, Allissa Meek, Dallas Miller, Nicholas Miller, Donald Minnier, Colby Mitzel, Stephen Mohar, Maia Moore-Polo, Marissa Morgan, Sara Musser, Brandon Park, Jenna Paul, David Paulson, Courtney Peterson, Phaypana Phimmachack, Tori Radziewicz, Michelle Rainey, Channing Raver, McKenzie Raver, Bennett Reichard, Andrew Ritz, Christopher Ritz, Dustin Ritz, Geena Ruby, Mandy Runkle, Ronald Ruppert, Brandy Ruth, Jessie Sabol, James Saylor, Amanda Schweers, Anthony Seiple, Eric Sharp, Lacey Sharp, Ronald Shenk, Sharayah Shue, Bryan Sloat, Megan Smith, Nolan Smith, Kasey Snell, Austin Snyder, Jacob Snyder, Kasey Spangle, Andrew Spicer, Haley Springer, Kasey Stonefield, Kamron Stover, Ryan Strausbaugh, Imani Studivant, Chance Sultzbach, Tanner Swarr, James Swartz, Chelsea Talbot, Lauren Taylor, Teah Taylor, Logan Toomey, Alan Tyson, Katherine Vidal, Elijah Walker, Carleigh Wallace, Randi Weirich, Joshua Wheeland, Tyler White, Ashlee Wilhelm, Tyler Wire, MaryEllen Wolf, David Wright, Spenser Yost, Samantha Young and Shelby Zikeli.