EASTERN YORK- Dom Clayton, an Eastern York graduate, was running 10 miles on his own in the fall of 2010, but was prompted by La Roche cross country captain Jeff Dailey to come out for the team.

He rapidly distinguished himself as a reliable, disciplined, serious runner for the Redhawks and ended up as second men on the team this season.

Clayton, now a senior, wrapped up his career by finishing 40th out of 87 runners - second best on the team - in the Allegheny Mountain Athletic Conference Championships with an 8K time of 34:52 over an unusually tough and hilly course.

It helped his team finish eighth in the team standings.

"During his three seasons, Dom gave everything he had in each race, driving himself to exhaustion and finishing each race with a burst of speed, typically out-kicking competitors within his sight," Coach Joshua Forrest said. "He is one of the most dedicated and honorable athletes I have every coached.