Everybody knows "A" is for apple.

But in York County, "A" is also for agricultural fair. Likewise, "B" is for Bricker's French Fries, and "C" is for chicken-corn soup.

Whether you are a lifelong county resident like me or relatively new to the area, you'll want to check out this poster map featuring "The ABCs of York County."

The idea started as an experiment on my blog, Only in York County, late in 2009. I noticed that when I wrote about the county's icons - you know, like our potato-chip makers? - I'd get tons of reader comments.

I wondered if there was a way to identify just what those icons are. I turned the question over to the blog's readers with this plan: We'd work our way through the alphabet using their nominations and then online polling - admittedly unscientific - to determine a "winner" for each letter.

Some results were surprising, but when we got to "Z," I realized we'd created a good list of things that make York County great.

I hope you'll enjoy seeing the list of "winners" depicted in the zoom-able map below -- which is publishing as a four-part poster series in the York Sunday News, beginning Oct. 3 and continuing for the next three Sundays.

We know you'll have your own ideas about what is - and isn't - great about York County, and we hope you'll check out the Only in York County blog at yorkblog.com/onlyyork and share your opinions.


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