Democrats have nominated Bruce Neylon, a member of the Adams County Democratic Committee, to oppose Sen. Rich Alloway II, R-Chambersburg, in the fall.

The 11th-hour candidate announced his candidacy for the 33rd District seat less than one week before the Primary Election and after Alloway and James Taylor, former chairman of the Franklin County Republican Committee, announced they were seeking the Democratic nomination.

"I'm was really surprised at the results," Neylon said. "It was such a short period of time. It wasn't like I was campaigning for weeks or anything. It was really quick."

Neylon had a strong showing in Adams and York counties while Alloway won the Franklin County vote.

Neylon has the minimum 500 votes required for his name to appear on the ballot in November. The district includes Franklin, Adams and parts of York counties.

"I'm feeling pretty good about it," he said. "If we can build on what we have, I see no reason why I can't win."

The approximate totals from Franklin and Adams counties for the candidates under various spellings of their names include: Neylon 917, Alloway 500 and Taylor 468. The numbers are approximate because of variations in spelling of the candidates' names that voters printed on ballots.

The Adams County Election Board reported 788 Democratic write-ins for Neylon, 117 for Alloway and 29 for Taylor.

The Franklin County results had 439 write-in votes for Taylor, 383 for Alloway and 129 for Neylon.

The York County Election Board reported 107 for Neylon, seven for Alloway and three for Taylor.

Alloway earlier secured his party's nomination when Taylor, the former chairman of the Franklin County Republican Committee, received less than 27 percent of Republicans' votes. Taylor was also a write-in candidate for the GOP nomination.