Brenda Wiley was driving south on Route 116 through McSherrystown around 6:20 Friday morning on her way to set up a vendor stand at Swan Lake Stables in Littlestown.

She was just about to cross Plum Creek when she looked over to Front Street and saw a toddler in a diaper, standing in the middle of the nearby side street, not far from the main road.

She stopped. Another driver was sitting on Front Street, ready to pull out onto 116. Wiley asked the driver if he knew the child. The driver said no, that he had to go, and he drove away.

Shaking, Wiley, 53, of Thomasville, backed up her minivan to try to block anyone from turning into the street. Trying to keep an eye on the child at the same time, she ended up backing into a utility pole in the process.

She put the van in park and retrieved the child from the road, bringing him to the sidewalk. There were no adults in sight, she said. Crying, she said, she called 911.

"I reported I found a baby in middle of the road," she said.

While waiting for police to arrive, Wiley said she asked the 911 operator if it was OK to put the child, who police said is 2 years old, in her van. She wanted to move the van off the road and didn't want him to go wandering off again, and she didn't want to get in trouble for putting him in the van.

With the operator's OK, she belted the child in the van and moved it off Route 116. She'd just stopped at Sheetz and bought a Tastykake, which the child spotted in her purse, so she fed it to him.

"He babbled," she said. "Nothing I could understand."

State police arrived and took her information, and then a McSherrystown police officer arrived and said a missing child had been reported, she said. In a little bit, a woman walked down the sidewalk to get the child, Wiley said.

Police requested identification from the mother. Wiley left after a trooper said he'd be looking into why the child was in the road that morning.

Cpl. Tony Cotroneo of the Gettysburg barracks said troopers investigated how the child was so close to the road.

"We did look into it, but there's going to be no criminal charges filed against anybody related to the child being out," he said Monday. Police noted they wouldn't be filing charges against Wiley for hitting the pole, either.

Wiley can't stop worrying about the child.

"It just bothers me what could've happened to that child had wrong person come along," or had he wandered into Route 116, she said.

Wiley said she's recently unemployed and will have to pay to have her minivan fixed, but she'd do it all over again.

"I guess I was supposed to be there to be guardian angel," Wiley said. "I'm constantly thinking what could've happened, and thank God it didn't."

Staff writer Ted Czech contributed to this report.

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