SPRING GROVE- The Rocket Science Club at Spring Grove Area Senior High School was chosen to participate in NASA's 12-13 Student Launch Initiative. The students, with the assistance of NASA Engineers, will build and launch a 7-foot rocket at least one mile into the air. The rocket must carry a science experiment that will deploy at that one-mile mark and return safely to earth.

Spring Grove was the only high school chosen in Pennsylvania.

Estimated costs for the design, construction and testing of the rocket, along with travel and accommodations for the students and teachers while at the NASA facility in Huntsville top the $13,000 mark. To help raise funds, the kids are selling 2013 Bonus Books. The book provides a year's worth of savings at hundreds of central Pennsylvania businesses, along with a leisure dining card that brings more discounts.

The Bonus Books sold by the Rocket Scientists are available in each district building, at all the holiday concerts in the Spring Grove Area School District and at several home sporting events. The books can also be purchased at various Spring Grove merchants, including A Little Bit of Heaven Coffee Shop, Glatco Credit Union, Forge Hardware and Famous Hot Weiner.