Gail Judd, director of York Hospital’s perioperative services, shows the equipment that will be in operating rooms at a new hospital specializing in
Gail Judd, director of York Hospital's perioperative services, shows the equipment that will be in operating rooms at a new hospital specializing in orthopedics and rehabilitation. Suspended from the ceiling are adjustable operating lights, as well as a video display screen showing three sliced peppers positioned on the operating table to display the high quality of the picture. (DAILY RECORD / SUNDAY NEWS -- BIL BOWDEN)
You don't usually hear the word "ambiance" used to describe a hospital room. But WellSpan vice president of operations Barbara Yarrish said that's one of the elements the company had in mind when planning out inpatient care at the new WellSpan Surgery and Rehabilitation Center.

Yarrish was among several WellSpan officials who held a news conference Thursday announcing the new hospital, which will specialize in orthopedic and spine procedures, as well as rehabilitation for surgery patients and stroke victims.

The hospital will be at the Apple Hill Health Campus off South George Street in York Township. On Thursday, however, WellSpan officials provided a sneak preview in another company-owned building with mockups of two important components -- an operating room and a patient room.

Here are some of the details:

The hospital

  • Yarrish said many of the patients undergoing procedures there, such as hip and other joint replacements, will likely be older. One of the reasons behind the hospital is to serve a community that includes a lot of aging baby boomers.

  • Groundbreaking will be in early spring, and the expected completion date is at the end 2011.

  • The hospital will include 48 beds dedicated to rehabilitation and 25 beds and four operating rooms for orthopedic patients.

  • Planned amenities include a concierge service, salon services and a restaurant-style menu.

    The patient rooms

  • Each will have flat-screen TVs and large windows.

  • Couches will pull out into beds so visitors can stay the night if they choose.

  • Electronic message boards outside the rooms will have patient information for family members and clinicians.

    The operating rooms

  • Operating rooms will be about 500 square feet, or one-third larger than standard operating rooms, to accommodate more personnel and equipment.

  • Monitors above the operating tables will display vital signs and the operation itself, allowing surgeons, nurses and anesthesiologists to work together more efficiently. They will also record the operation for future consultation.

  • There will be 25 air exchanges, as opposed to the standard 15, to reduce the risk of infection.

    A surgeon's view

    Dr. Mark Richardson, an orthopedic surgeon with WellSpan, was also at Thursday's news conference. He's spent time as an Air Force surgeon in Iraq, working in operating rooms that were essentially medical containers inside tents.

    Especially in comparison to that, the new operating rooms are quite impressive, he said.

    "This is unbelievable," Richardson said.

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