LOWER WINDSOR TWP.-- Join the paranormal research team of Jan Klinedinst, Tom Shirey and Tom Arnold for Dinner with Ghosts at 6 p.m. April 13 at Shank's Mare, 2092 Long Level Road, Lower Windsor Township.

The trio has been investigating, researching, and documenting Shank's Mare's 1880s building and has captured some amazing discoveries.

Dine in the Rookery, possibly in the Midst of Ghosts, with a few paranormal guests in attendance, followed by a program featuring evidence captured during their investigations in Shank's Mare's Susquehanna House and other locations.

This includes paranormal video, EVP sound clips of captured ghost's voices, and photographs of spirit phenomena. Learn about the investigation techniques and equipment used in the process and participate in discussions about spirit writing, orbs, cold spots, tactile sensations and more.

Cost for the evening is $41 a person for members $46 each for nonmembers.

What's next: For details, visit www.shanksmare.com, call 717-252-1616 or email shanksmare@comcast.net.