Chris Strickhouser, left, and Wade Beyer, with Red Lion Spray Inc., paint trim at the Red Lion Education Center Thursday.
Chris Strickhouser, left, and Wade Beyer, with Red Lion Spray Inc., paint trim at the Red Lion Education Center Thursday. (DAILY RECORD/SUNDAY NEWS - KATE PENN)

Summer is the busy season for those working in school district facilities -- time to make repairs, clean classrooms and finish improvement projects before kids return to their classrooms.

In Red Lion Area School District, you can see exactly what workers have been up to, through a Twitter account dedicated to following the district's construction projects.

Jeffrey Bryan, Red Lion's buildings and grounds director, has taken to the social media site to keep people posted on what's happening with the district's facilities.

This summer, he's been tweeting photos of various projects going on around the district, such as new roof installation on a portion of the high school, sidewalk and paving projects, and tennis court work.

"The idea was to start this so we could help keep people in our community informed," he said. The district also uses Twitter to get out information on athletics or school emergencies, too, he said.

It's just another way to let residents know what's happening in the district, he said.

"I want them to know where their tax money's going," he said.

He aims to be short and sweet with the text.

"Sr High gym floor finishing first coat today."

"Clearview Elementary paving restoration continues today."

Each comes with a photo attached. Sometimes there are several a day, or there might be a lull when there aren't many capital projects going on.

He began tweeting last summer, when the district installed artificial turf at Horn Field and built some additional athletic fields.

Looking back over those tweets, "you can sort of see the progression of those projects from start to finish," Bryan said. "I think it's cool."

In addition to helping communication, it's a tool for him, too -- a dated archive of the projects.

Bryan said he's gotten a few comments from people saying they appreciate being kept up to date. Some of his neighbors check out the feed.

"I love my work, so everywhere I go I talk about it," he said. "They can get on and see the photographs."

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