SOUTHERN REGIONAL POLICE responded to 496 calls for service in July, with another 156 walk-in complaints handled by office staff, for a total of 652 calls for the month.

--- Officers responded to 212 calls in Shrewsbury Borough, issued 19 traffic citations and 19 written warnings and made six summary and 11 criminal arrests.

--- In New Freedom, officers handed 181 calls for service and handed out 11 traffic citations and 11 written warnings and made three summary and two criminal arrests.

--- Glen Rock accounted for 70 calls for the month, and officers issued one parking citation and seven written warnings, made one summary and three criminal arrests.

--- There were nine calls for service from the Southern School District, but there was no action on traffic or criminal incidents.

--- In Railroad, officers answered seven calls, issued one written warning and made two criminal arrests.

--- Loganville accounted for 13 calls, two written warnings and no arrests.

--- Officers answered three calls in other jurisdictions, which included one criminal arrest and calls to assist other police in Shrewsbury Township and Stewartstown.

The time analysis for July shows the following: Shrewsbury, 389 hours; New Freedom, 376 hours; Glen Rock 212 hours: Southern School District, 64 hours; Railroad, 24 hours, Loganville, 14 hours and outside jurisdictions, 11 hours.