The Dover Area School District is moving forward with plans to implement a Career Training Curriculum (CTC) at the high school.

The added curriculum would eventually serve as a charter program within the school, and will encompass agriculture and technology programs that will enable students to earn credits and certifications in their chosen areas of study. As described, the program will also allow students to earn college credits that are transferable to many secondary education institutions.

Charles Benton, a teacher at Dover Area Senior High School, says the vision of the program is "to provide education and training to students to meet the needs for an ever changing workforce."

The new curriculum will add eight programs of study and will result in Dover earning technical center charter school status with the Department of Education by 2015. The programs will include study and application in the fields of: general agriculture education, agricultural mechanisms, 21 Century job seeking skills, agriculture/horticulture, accounting/bookkeeping, graphic communication, child care management and engineering technology.

Dover's Career Training Curriculum will offer five programs that are not currently offered by York County School of Technology. The CTC will also cost less per student than the competing program, approximately $13,500 to $8,900, respectively. According to Benton, costs are kept lower because the program will use the current curriculum and will not require any new staff or building modifications.

Another difference presented by Benton is an emphasis on quality. Dover's program will use "educators with a specific knowledge base to educate, not workers in the field with no teacher training."

Dover will begin with offering three CTC programs in the 2012-2013 school year. "It will be a 7-12th grade curriculum with an emphasis on providing education for all students," says Benton.