The West York Council is exploring if there is any recourse for a problem with feral cats.

Resident Judy Groft of the 1100 block of West Poplar Street in the borough said a neighbor has about seven or eight cats in her yard every day, and she puts out food for them.

"It has to be stopped," Groft said. "The odor goes through your house. You can't open the kitchen window. It is a shame.

Councilwoman Shelley Metzler said she would discuss the problem with the neighbor. It could be addressed possibly as a nuisance or health and safety issue, she said, adding that there is no ordinance that limits the number of cats or cats running loose. Metzler said she might also contact the York County SPCA for help. Also, she will look at other municipalities in the county that have addressed this issue.

Mary Wagner, also of the 1100 block of West Poplar, concurred with Groft that roaming cats are doing damage to porches and cars.

In another matter, Groft said that a different neighboring property has been vacant for about five years, and the weeds and grass are overgrown. At the same property, a falling down garage did $800 worth of damage to her car, she said. The garage might be a fire hazard with stored cans of paint, she said.

Police Chief Justin Seibel said that he would contact the Sheriff's Department's program to use criminal offenders to provide public service and have the yard taken care of, if necessary.

Wagner said that there are several rundown rental properties in the neighborhood. She wondered when or if the borough could require that the properties be fixed up.

Council President Steve Herman said that the run-down properties would be referred to the code enforcement program through the West York Reliance Fire Company.