York Suburban School Board members will have some difficult decisions to make Monday.

Some of the most prevalent: Will district residents see a tax hike in the 2012-13 school year? If so, by how much?

At a hearing held earlier this month for the proposed final budget, the district's Finance Director Dennis Yonkin said if the board approves the budget as it stands, residents can expect to see a 1.7 percent tax increase.

This would increase the millage rate by 0.3477, making it 20.8007. This brings the real estate tax bill for a person who owns a $150,000 home to $3,120, $35 more for a home worth $100,000.

The 2012-13 budget saw a 0.6 percent reduction in the amount spent on non-instructional services, a 0.4 percent increase in instructional services and 2.3 percent increase in support services.

Eighty-four percent of funding for the 2012-13 budget come from local means, while 14.8 percent comes from state and 0.6 percent comes from federal.

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