Dover Area High School graduates scrambled around the parking lot as friends and family members lined up in front of the Toyota Arena at the York Expo Center for Saturday's ceremony. As some students adjusted caps and tassels, others like Chelsea Cortez and Brianna Fisher shoved blankets and coolers into the overloaded back of a car as a parent videotaped. They, like many of the graduates, were headed to the beach immediately after the ceremony.

Details: 2 p.m. Saturday at the York Expo Center's Toyota Arena.

Number of graduates: 231

Class Colors: Crimson and charcoal

Class Song: "Tattoos on This Town" by Jason Aldean

Speaker: Bradley Jacobs, president of the Class of 1962. "The diploma you receive today is a trust document that says you will be entrusted to do good things," he said.

Valedictorian: Paige Neidig

"It's easy to take the present for granted," she said. "The next few years will be challenging, but it's important to slow down and take things in." Neidig urged classmates to not live life like a roller coaster. "Instead, live it like a you're riding a Ferris wheel."

Salutatorian: Carrie Pfleiger

She was responsible for morning announcements at the high school. At the ceremony, she gave her "final announcement." She thanked parents and friends wished her classmates well in future endeavors.

How they felt: Many felt anxious. Some were tired from the 8 a.m. practice, but most said they were excited. "It's one of the longest days of the year, but the shortest chapter of our life," Donald Carson said.

Where they are headed next: Brandon Ford, Jessica Firestone, Kyle Keech and Nate Swartzbaugh made plans for senior week behind the scenes at the Toyota Arena. Ford said he planned to celebrate with family after graduation and then, "off to senior week with friends."

More than half of the students will be attending institutions of higher learning.

What they will miss: Drew Smith said he'll miss all of his fellow students. "It will be different making new friends after being with many of the same people for 13 years," he said.

Ahmadi Murrell said he'll miss how easy things are now. "I know it's going to get harder," he said.

Dover Area High School Class of 2012:

Corrin Anderson, Jared Anstine, Korbin Armold, Korbin Barker, Doniesha Barrett, Lerrie Bashan, Joel Behr, Christina Berger, Dakota Berkheimer, Dylan Bixler, Dylan Border, Chad Brady, Kristin Brammann, Mitchel Bray, Hannah Breneman, Tara Brown, Travis Browning, Amanda Bryant, Mary Burkey, Ryan Butler, Michael Campisi, Zeb Carbaugh, Donald Carson, Monique Carter, Marisa Cass, Gage Cathcart, Nicholas Channell, Tyler Clayton, Harry Cobb, Amanda Cohenour, Jacklyn Colon, Lexi Cook, Colonel Copenheaver, Krista Cordora, Chelsea Cortez, Keaun Courtney, Michelle Crimmins, Tanner Crone, Sidney Crudup, Cody Cunningham, Alyssa Dalton, Drew Deardorff, Gabrielle DeLauter, Kayla Dellinger, Jacob Dentler, Alexa Detter, Luis DeVita, Katie Diehl, Jake Dixon, Julia Drebushenko, Aaron Dubbs, William Emig Jr., Alaina Eshbach, Jordon Fadley, Matthew Ferry, Stephanie Ferry, Jerell Figueroa, Sean Finley, Jessica Firestone, Briana Fisher, Ryan Flohr, Victoria Foeks, Brandon Ford, Shawnee Franklin, Gary Frey III, Taryn Frey, Grant Froman, Brad Geiselman, Cory Geiselman, Addison Gingrich, Devin Glace, Benjamin Gladis, Briana Goodrich, Madalyn Gordan, Chad Gotwalt Jr., Lauren Goucher, Joshua Grandstaff, Timothy Green, Faith Grim, Ebony Grimes, Raymond Grote, Stacie Grove, Kevin Gumerlock, Ian Hafer, Ayanna Hall, Samantha Hamme, Hope Harlacher, Myriah Hartzell, Ryan Heaton, Devon Heffley, Caitlyn Herman, Kendra Hilbert, Olivia Hinkle, Randy Hollinger, Tiffany Holt, James Horvath, Jessica Hudgins, Drew Hufnagle, Robin Huntsberry, Sarah Hutchins, Nigel IJff, Kera Ingram, Jacob Jacoby, Jennifer Janicsko, Ean Julius, Daniel Kahler, Kyle Keech, Emily Keller, Lars Keller, Jarret Kelly, Linda Kelly, Cory Kennedy, Auriel Keppler, Victoria Kloss, Karissa Konkle, Brianna Kopp, Mande Kraft, Jason Kramer, Brandon Krone, Caden Krout, Ryan Lamparter, Gustavo Landal, Sara Landis, Ashley Latshaw, Morgan Lauer, Danielle Laughead, Nick Laughman, Dustin LeGrand, Brittany Lehigh, Tyler Lehman, Brandon Leisenring, Tanner Link, Briannna Lippert, Alexis Little, Tiffany Logue, Michael LoPresti, Karl Mallorey, Ilenia Mannino, Shanice Marks, Devon Mayer, Steven McLeod, Aaron McMillion, Levi Mellott, Katelyn Merrifield, Tyler Merryman, Taylar Messner, Alexander Miller, Benjamin Miller, Gregory Miller, Michael Miller, Kayla Mills, Heather Muela, Ahmadi Murrell, Sarah Musser, Nicholas Myers, Blaine Naugle, Paige Neidig, Dalton Niel, Aleister Oldhouser, Emily Owens, Alexis Payne, Jose Perez, Clint Peters, Danielle Peters, Emily Peters, Levi Peters, Carrie Pfleiger, Michael Pindell, Micheal Pratt, Avery Preston, Jenna Ravenscraft, Yazmin Reaser, Chad Reed, Joshua Reichert, Gabrielle Rock, Tabitha Ross, Alexander Rudy, Megan Saunders, Morgan Saunders, Zachary Schneider, Brooke Schwartzer, Brandi Scott, Kathryn Seager, Kayla Seaks, Danika Sellers, Rebecca Shaffer, Cody Shaner, Natalie Sharp, Brock Shellenberger, Jared Shipley, Alexis Shoemaker, Emily Shontz, Darby Sidesinger, Chelsea Simerly, Bethany Simms, Meaghan Sitler, Bryce Slick, Alyssa Smith, Brandon Smith, Drew Smith, Madeline Smith, Gabrelle Snellbaker, Connor Snyder, Shawn Snyder, Carly Solt, Juan Soto Jr., Logan Sowers, Sarah Spaulding, Derek Stern, Brittney Sterner, Destinee Sterner, Anna Stough, Maria Stough, Samantha Strausbaugh, Nathaniel Swartzbaugh, Ryan Szwaja, Jonathan Taylor, Jacob Trimmer, Jessica Turner, Devon Vogel, Hunter Weaver, Adrian Weber, Erin Wetzel, Morgan Whitehead, Thomas Whitfield V, Tyler Wiley, Nathaniel Williams, Na'Quan Wintermyers, Brody Wolf, Amber Yeager, Tyler Zerbe and Emily Zimmerman.