There was plenty of trash talk at a York City Council meeting this week, much of it centering on good news.

The council reviewed bids for trash hauling during its monthly work session, and officials said one set of numbers represents a cost reduction from the current contract.

Low bidder York Waste submitted a bid of $5,874,965 for hauling over the next four years, service that includes twice-per-week collection with a six-bag limit on each collection day. The second-low bid came from Penn Waste, the city's current hauler, at $6,244,583.

Jim Gross, director of public works, said York Waste's price, if accepted, would represent an approximate $7,000 annual drop in cost. The city has been paying about $1,475,000 per year, and the York Waste bid translates to about $1,468,000 per year, he said.

City residents currently get twice-per-week pickup with a six-bag limit, and service would likely change little, for less cost, Gross said. That's a pleasant surprise for the city.

"We're obviously very happy that's the case," he said. "We were anticipating some increase."

Gross said the city also bid twice-per-week service with a limit of four bags per collection, but all three bidders submitted fees identical to the six-bag price. Waste Industries was the third company to submit bids.


The city also sought bids for once-per-week service with an eight-bag limit, receiving only one bid from Penn Waste at a relatively higher rate, Gross said.

Council members expanded the discussion, asking Gross about larger recycling bins as well as potentially mandating trash be placed in a container with a lid.

Gross said the city has submitted a grant application for larger, 32-gallon recycling bins, and agreed that often trash on the curb not placed in a container causes issues.

"We do have people not putting trash out properly," he said. "That's a problem."

Council members agreed to continue the discussion. The council will re-examine trash bids at its regular meeting on Nov. 7.

By the numbers

Bids submitted to York city for trash collection include the following:

Twice per week collection with six-bag limit per collection:

--- York Waste: $5,874,965 over four years

--- Penn Waste: $6,244,583 over four years

--- Waste Industries: $10,260,450 over four years

Twice per week collection with four-bag limit per collection:

--- York Waste: $5,874,965 over four years

--- Penn Waste: $6,244,583 over four years

--- Waste Industries: $10,260,450 over four years

Once per week collection with eight-bag limit:

--- Penn Waste: $6,843,335 (only submitted bid)

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